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21.Such Large, impersonal Manipulation Of Capital And Industry Greatly Increased The Numbers And Importance Of Shareholders As A Class, an Element In National Life Representing Irresponsible Wealth Detached From The Land And The Duties Of The Landowners: And Almost Equally Detached From The Responsible Management Of Business.

[Referenced translation] of pair of capital of individual of so tremendous and rather than and industry operate the importance that the amount that increased partner greatly and they regard a class as, this is an element that irresponsible money represents in national life, this kind of fortune not only the responsibility that was far from land and land owner, and be without a relation with the bear the blame management of the company likewise almost.

22.Towns Like Bournemouth And Eastbourne Sprang Up To House Large "comfortable" Classes Who Had Retired On Their Incomes, and Who Had No Relation To The Rest Of The Community Except That Of Drawing Dividends And Occasionally Attending A Shareholders' Meeting To Dictate Their Orders To The Management.

[Referenced translation] resemble Bern Maosi and Yisiteben the emerge in large numbers of such town is to give those amounts a lot of “ comfortable ” class provides living room. These people rely on his rich and generous income and do not work, they are mixed besides share out bonus now and then attend shareholder plenary meeting, to management the layer dictates besides oneself command, the other estate that follows a society is without association.

23.The "shareholders" As Such Had No Knowledge Of The Lives, thoughts Or Needs Of The Workmen Employed By The Company In Which He Held Shares, and His Influence On The Relations Of Capital And Labor Was Not Good.

[Referenced translation] the life of the workers that the company place that such “ partner ” owns share to him employs, thought and demand utterly ignorant, and they won't produce positive effect to the relation of both sides of labour and capital.

24.The Paid Manager Acting For The Company Was In More Direct Relation With The Men And Their Demands, but Even He Had Seldom That Familiar Personal Knowledge Of The Workmen Which The Employer Had Often Had Under The More Patriarchal System Of The Old Family Business Now Passing Away.

[Referenced translation] the impact of the manager of the beautiful Qian Gulai that represents a company and worker and its demand is more immediate, but what also do not have even him the sort of is familiar with to workers is private the understanding between. And of the old and household company that disappearing now the sort of more the employer below the system of parent type people often have such private concern to their worker however.

25.Among The Many Shaping Factors, I Would Single Out The Country's Excellent Elementary Schools: A Labor Force That Welcomed The New Technology; The Practice Of Giving Premiums To Inventors; And Above All The American Genius For Nonverbal, "Spatial" Thinking About Things Technological.
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