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It is difficult that English grows a structural analysis is classical 100 (1)
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1.The American Economic System Is, organized Around A Basically Private-enterprise, market- Oriented Economy In Which Consumers Largely Determine What Shall Be Produced By Spending Their Money In The Marketplace For Those Goods And Services That They Want Most.

[Referenced translation] American economy is with basic demesne enterprise and market direct economy is a framework, in this kind of economy, consumer is passed greatly it is those in the market them most wanted kinds or types of goods and service pay cost to decide what should be made come out.

2.Thus, in The American Economic System It Is The Demand Of Individual Consumers, coupled With The Desire Of Businessmen To Maximize Profits And The Desire Of Individuals To Maximize Their Incomes, that Together Determine What Shall Be Produced And How Resources Are Used To Produce It.

[Referenced translation] accordingly, in American economic system, the demand of individual consumer and businessman try the biggest the stomach that turns its profit and individual think the biggest the libidinal posture that changes its income effectiveness is united in wedlock, what to decide to should be made together, and how is resource used to make them.

3.If, on The Other Hand, producing More Of A Commodity Results In Reducing Its Cost, this Will Tend To Increase The Supply Offered By Seller-producers, which In Turn Will Lower The Price And Permit More Consumers To Buy The Product.

[Referenced translation] on the other hand, if make some kind of commodity bring about its in great quantities,cost drops, so this furnishs with respect to what increase bargainor and manufacturer to be able to be offerred likely, and this also can lower the price conversely and allow more consumer to buy a product.

4.In The American Economy, the Concept Of Private Property Embraces Not Only The Ownership Of Productive Resources But Also Certain Rights, including The Right To Determine The Price Of A Product Or To Make A Free Contract With Another Private Individual.

[Referenced translation] in American economy, demesne the property that the concept of belongings includes opposite to produce resource not only, also point to a few otherer specific right, if decide a product,the price is mixed private and as individual as another (economic unit) the right that signs a contract freely.

5.At The Same Time These Computers Record Which Hours Are Busiest And Which Employers Are The Most Efficient, allowing Personnel And Staffing Assignments To Be Made Accordingly. And They Also Identify Preferred Customers For Promotional Campaigns.

[Referenced translation] at the same time what time is the busiest below these computer records, what employee work efficiency is highest, make arrangement of personnel personnel matters with respect to can corresponding ground so. And they (the computer) the customer that also can find those to have priority for sales promotion activity.
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