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It is difficult that English grows a structural analysis is classical 100 (7)
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61.But, for A Small Group Of Students, professional Training Might Be The Way To Go Since Well-developed Skills, all Other Factors Being Equal, can Be The Difference Between Having A Job And Not.

[Referenced translation] but, to student of a fraction, professional education also is a desirable method. Because be below the situation with other same factor, of skill adept it is to get the job crucial.

62.Declaring That He Was Opposed To Using This Unusual Animal Husbandry Technique To Clone Humans, he Ordered That Federal Funds Not Be Used For Such An Experiment-although No One Had Proposed To Do So- - And Asked An Independent Panel Of Experts Chaired By Princeton President Harold Shapiro To Report Back To The White House In 90 Days With Recommendations For A National Policy On Human Cloning.

[Referenced translation] the pasturage that he announces to he objects using this kind to be different from common breeds the technology comes clone mankind, give orders: Forbid federally fund is used at doing this kind of test. Although still do not have a person to suggest so do, he still asks to grow Haluode with Princeton university officer the independent expert group that Xiapiluo heads is in · 90 days report of indrawn the White House concerns the country of clone person about making.

63.In A Draft Preface To The Recommendations, discussed At The 17 May Meeting, shapiro Suggested That The Panel Had Found A Broad Consensus That It Would Be "morally Unacceptable To Attempt To Create A Human Child By Adult Nuclear Cloning" .

[Referenced translation] in the prelusive draft of this proposal book that discusses on the conference May 17, xiapiluodi goes out, expert group has reached extensive consensus, that is “ the practice that tries to make human child through adult nucleolus clone is in morally is the ” that cannot accept.

64.Because Current Federal Law Already Forbids The Use Of Federal Funds To Create Embryos (the Earliest Stage Of Human Offspring Before Birth) For Research Or To Knowingly Endanger An Embryo's Life, NBAC Will Remain Silent On Embryo Research.

[Referenced translation] the federal law because of nowadays already clone of taboo federal fund is embryonic (human descendant is in antenatal is the earliest level) the life that is used at studying menace of intended perhaps ground is embryonic, NBAC studies in embryo admiral keeps silence.

65.If Experiments Are Planned And Carried Out According To Plan As Faithfully As The Reports In The Science Journals Indicate, then It Is Perfectly Logical For Management To Expect Research To Produce Results Measurable In Dollars And Cents.

[Referenced translation] the plans to plan and be carried out like on-the-spot basis in that way word that if the experiment is the report place that goes up like scientific journal,shows, so right managing for the layer, expecting research to be able to produce the result that can measure with money is completely reasonable.
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