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1, the main function of address overview calling card is communication and liaison, write on calling card so on detailed family or unit communication address are indispensable. Following exemples: Address: Day of area of yellow cliff of city of state of Zhejiang province stage grows interpreter of 18 201 rooms to become English is: Address: Room 201, 18 Tianchang Road, huangyan District, taizhou City, zhejiang Province. Contrast on exemple, when does the interpreter need to notice from time to tome: The permutation of Chinese address is orderly by arrive greatly small: × country date of × of road of × of area of × city × , and English address criterion just contrary, be by small arrive big: Road of × date × (Road) , × area (District) , × city (City) , × is saved (Province) , × country.

Part of place name proper noun (the part of " of " Huang Yan that is like " of area of " Huang Yan) should use Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, and need to be written repeatedly, if Huangyan is unfavorable,write into Huang Yan.

Each district should add comma to separate between location unit.

Above gave out the book that the place translates writes regulation. Receive go down to undertake labor with respect to address content.

Complete address by: Canton delimits 3 parts comprise number of building of + of + block name.

2, canton delimits flower interpret canton delimits is an address in highest one class unit, our country with a vast territory, administrative division into districts is more complex, can divide into 5 class on the whole (the place inside bracket notes for) of current home current translated term: 1) country (State) : People's Republic of China (The People's Republic Of China; P.R.China; P.R.C; China) 2) is provincial (Provincial Level) : ?Province) , municipality (Autonomous Region) , municipality directly under the Central Government (Municipality Directly Under The Central Government, abbreviation Municipality) ; Special Administrative Region (Special Administration Region; SAR) 3) ground level (Prefectural Level) : She?Prefecture) , autonomous prefecture (Autonomous Prefecture) , city (Municipality; City) ; Alliance (Prefecture) ; 4) county class (County Level) : County (County) , autonomous county (Autonomous County) , city (City) , city area under administration (District) , banner (County) 5) country level (Township Level) : Shu ═ Ownship) , ethical country (Ethnic Township) , town (Town) , street agency (Sub-district) .

Use give an example:

(1) Shanghai esteems town of bright county resurgence: Zhongxing Town, chongming County, shanghai (Municipality) .

(Alliance of Er of shellfish of Hulun of 2) Nei Monggol Autonomous Region: Hulunbeir Prefecture, inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

(3) Zhejiang visits rural area of Long Xi of county of annulus of jade of stage state city: àLongxi Township, yuhuan County, taizhou Municipality, zhejiang Province.
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