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Production of press snack type is brought up " interpreter maniac "
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Jiang Zhihui 10 years of interpret 20 books, company of much out name
Expert: Fu Lei interpret of a book 10 years " breath out 7 " interpret three month
Press: The editor does not know French not professional
Jiang Zhihui of Fudan University associate professor translates composition with a year of two speed, be approved to be “ to translate maniac ” , “ his book only before ten pages have 55 to be in wrong ” . Many netizens are interrogatory: Why can be such academic book also published? The press has to be chosen soundly after all, mechanism of examine and verify, have a person to should be in charge of for this?

The interpret that home publishs in recent years makes a level drop generally, what reason be? Can this difficult problem that the press faces get settlement? The reporter interviews discovery, at present the interpreter of domestic major composition had entered production of ” of “ snack type, reader not buy it also make use of condition is in inevitable.

These interpret make out famous publishing house makes a reader amazed

Brightness interpret makes ginger annals be approved on the net have “ old Zhang early”

Netizen “ feather a card of ursine ” " Jiang Zhihui: Alan of “ rape ” is special < cultural life > China translates the home " be reprinted extensively. This post listed Jiang Yi " cultural life " (Jiangsu teachs a press) 55 place are wrong, weigh what ten pages find out to this was once upon a time only. “ of Jiang Zhihui of this post straight denounce is not to translating Alunte, raping Alan spy ” however.

Actually, brightness interpret makes ginger annals be approved on the net have ” of “ old Zhang early. 2005 summer, already the netizen centers firepower, point out another interpret make Jiang Zhihui " creation Darwinism " “ many wrong ” .

In sign of Malebranche " judge business affairs new edition < creation Darwinism > " write so in one post:

“ author turns over this new translation, shock must not say to give a word to come almost. Authentic is undoubted is, of business affairs new edition " creation Darwinism " created new record: Centenary come the worst " creation Darwinism " in the difference of the French level of translation …… translator makes a person indeed stare tongue-tied, be afraid to the understanding of the Bergsonism also be close to Yu Ling. This translation does not have a page pretty good, without paragraph pretty good, it is to not have almost sentence pretty good. …… author checked nevertheless 3 paragraphs, just two pages the length of half, discovers problem error has been in 229 place above, had not considered reduplicative wrong. Jiang Yi " creation Darwinism " have 306 pages in all, how many error can you have again among them? Is such …… interpret written value of how many learning to have again? ”
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