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Interpreter industry " Qian Jingan is broad " professional interpreter latent ca
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Make as the Ju Fan of extroversion development our country economy braves the wind and waves, make the market structure that gives diversity, professional interpreter, especially high-end interpreter also was become demand exceeds supply, the popular talent of broad ” of “ Qian Jingan. Mix often to what diplomacy flows of pair of diplomatic shedding activities with bigger more begin, the demand that will make our country translates a talent is stronger and stronger, appear possibly even phenomenon of “ blowout ” .

At present our country most trading company all needs to be contacted directly with the foreign trader, the nature of foreign language communication such as English is essential. But ask the boss of all trading companies, employee is perfectness the foreign language is not actual, communicate with the foreign trader, when signing a contract, major trading company or need language connect the world to wait for the help of regular interpreter corporation. As we have learned, language exceeding lofty or great leaves the interpreter language that the interpreter company that waits to implement scale relatively can provide, include English, Japanese, Russian, French to wait 70 will plant, among them English interpreter is most popular, those who occupy turnover 7 into above. And the need that a few large companies are oneself trade secret, all invite major to translate personnel to the enterprise to hold a post with high salary.

Between the interpreter of all forms, simultaneous interpretation and pass interpret to remain alternately at present of market demand popular. Perhaps be inside very long henceforth period of time, interpreter industry remains many foreign language major personage, especially the popular industry of ideal of profession of woman play specialty, implementation. Have what be engaged in external affairs translating the job for years Miss Zhang tells a reporter, current, the “ firewood affection of professional interpreter ” also is very pretty good. Say commonly, ordinary conversation kind interpreter, collect fees for a day of 400 ~ 600 yuan, business affairs conference or negotiation collect fees for a day of 600 ~ 800 yuan, of simultaneous interpretation collect fees highest, collect fees hourly highest can amount to 1500 yuan. So, say simultaneous interpretation jobs to had been not been for gold.

In domain of business affairs of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, china and foreign countries is bilateral often because be opposite a contract or a paragraph of different understanding of the character and cause difference even to cause economically loss, investigate its reason, it is environment of two kinds of two kinds of culture, languages confluence of very difficult real ground and mutual understanding. The interpreter's existence, can shorten to the greastest extent of course two kinds of characters are mixed in culture of language habit, society the difference on thinking means.
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