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Baidu offers 1000 words to translate a service freely
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Baidu rolled out free interpreter formally to serve recently ( . It is reported, before Baidu interpreter serves item, offerred Sino-British, flower in each other interpret and word inquiry function, the full length interpreter that supports 1000 Chinese characters at most serves, this is Chinese domain is offerred the first times free the service that 1000 words translate.

Baidu translation service is before “ Baidu dictionary translates those who serve ” to upgrade, offerred freely at present Sino-British, flower interpret of medium full text each other serves, support inquiry of word, phrase at the same time. Discover after reporter try out, its inquire the result is very detailed, include word pronunciation, tag, explanation, give typical examples. In addition, support 1000 Chinese characters at most to interpret of Chinese and English full text each other, this is the 1000 words that Chinese domain first time offers full length interpreter serves. As we have learned, at present home translates a service freely to support 150 Chinese characters at most mostly.

Chief expresses related Baidu, roll out this one service, it is to satisfy the requirement of Chinese user, let domestic netizen get information more smoothly. Regard the whole world as the biggest, search engine that covers multitude of 90% above Chinese, baidu accepts inquiry service several times everyday, among them a large number of keywords are the English with not familiar compatriots. In addition, the survey that carries pair of users discovers, compatriots has bigger demand to interpret of Chinese and English each other.

As we have learned, the predecessor Baidu dictionary of translation service is in Baidu early to go up formally 2004 line, baidu and interpret allusion tell Dr.eye collaboration to roll out this one service. 4 years are lain between when, the service business that Baidu precedes with interpreter domain once more cooperates, bring the most high grade interpreter to serve for broad netizen. Chief discloses related Baidu, strengthen further as what cooperate with each, prospective Baidu translates a service still will support more languages, provide the optimization, most accurate interpreter result.

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