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Abroad 23 shed a writer why to crowd Chinese books market
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Poetic life news agency reports integratedly on Feburary 18, 2008 in recent years our country is introducing the phenomenon of ” of “ partial eclipse with the relatively serious existence in publication abroad books, science analogy example is obvious on the low side, it is humanitarian society science only kind 1/5 to 1/6. Humanitarian society science kind books introduces a measure not only much, and present hasten interest sex. Famous interpreter publication home, " interpret forest " edition of magazine patriarch, China assist when Li Jingduan of secretary-general of foreign literature publication seminar is analysing home to introduce the current situation of domain book recently, pointed out many problems of existence of interpreter the press.

Standard of profitable gain selection of subject

The analysis says Li Jingduan, 1978-1990 year, our country publishs interpreter book in all 28500 kinds, year all 2192 kinds; Arrived 1995-2003 year, interpreter book a total 94400 kinds, year all add it is 10489 kinds. In last few years, our country translates publication foreign Gu Jintu book every year to maintain the level in 10 thousand kinds about, this is a not little scope. But, a lot of presses contract gain index to the editor, companies of many civilian battalion culture and atelier are to developing those who come to make money more, then gain was become recommend the exclusive even level with main selection of subject, this brought about interpreter structure unbalance, be worth to introduce did not introduce; Common of fawn on following the fashion, the excessive that ought not to introduce is entered. Want to read a few titles that introduce domain book and the title page of a thread-bound book to the bookshop only, nature of a man of insight can come into being “ we need these really the doubt of ” . Because of this in the center, have introductory foreign country each industry “ goes of regular ” , have teach you how sycophant braggart, how the introduction prevents to be discovered by the wife of carry on a clandestine love affair, still what devils of all sorts of gods and spirits and sense organ stimulate advocate is wait a moment. Although some just is involved partly, some still drapes the camouflage of cover up a scandal, but what to introduce these to have to use after all?

Random unplugs tall flicker reader

Li Jingduan thinks, current interpreter the press another undesirable phenomenon is to unplug tall “ silvers coin arbitrarily goods ” , be like a 23 work of foreign that sort a writer to publicize the ” of “ master piece that actual strength asks a vessel what large award; foreigner a of some article Yan Xuanyao becomes ” of newest tide of what “ world; The thing when already passing the someone, pack ” of vogue of what “ pioneer. Still have, books of chief editor whole set, it is very stern learning action originally, however some introduce nowadays edition cover a book, the organizer is become chief editor, colleague decides selection of subject, move back and forth person of new term gally, some still sends packet of ” kind with “ , one person contracts, look for a few brothers, collect gives a few with respect to whole set. These are to battling the asymmetry of information, flicker reader did not discuss.
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