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Tianjin dog pays no attention to an interpreter to get dizzy foreigner
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A few foreigners that ferry travels come during women football world cup, be profuse in praise to Tianjin cate, be opposite however the name of a few restaurant however not quite understanding. Because do not know how to should explain the implication of inn name, it is difficult that square interpreter ” also makes accordingly in accompanied “ .

Let an interpreter make difficult “ dog pay no attention to ”

Miss Sun that does foreign trade work recieved a few Europe friends that come to Tianjin see women football world cup. One the world comes, miss Sun feels a little be unable to stand. Every go to “ when having a meal, do not have method to explain the inn name of the characteristic restaurant that is clear about a few Tianjin, make me honest be anxious. ”

Miss Sun says, the first difficult problem that she encounters, the fascia —— dog that is our Tianjin meal is paid no attention to. Friend of a few foreign countries loves to eat steamed stuffed bun quite, ask Miss Sun what restaurant calls the name. This issues “ but my pose. Although my English level is OK still, but ‘ dog pays no attention to ’ how to should explain, I still do not know really. ”

Stutter of Miss Sun knock cling to half metaphrase explains the ground partly the ground pays no attention to “ dog ” tells friend of these a few foreign countries with English. Nevertheless, friend of a few foreign countries did not understand “ dog to pay no attention to ” truly is what meaning, they still ask Miss Sun medium to dog meat is after all in steamed stuffed bun.

In ” of sensory “ shrink from difficulties while, miss Sun does not want to give better way. “ if these characteristic restaurant can have Tianjin the word of English name, it is good to reckon this kind of problem is met solve a lot of. Otherwise, affirmation still can make a many joke. Miss ” Miss Sun says.

Foreign language institute teachs cate beautiful inn to also need good name to match

Respecting translates inn name for dining-room, restaurant, the associate professor expresses culture of language of institute of English of institute of Tianjin foreign language and piece of 喆 that literature fastens, translate English inn name to restaurant, dining-room, optimal is the culture characteristic that the English name that comes over through the interpreter can experience restaurant, dining-room.

Piece the associate professor says, good inn name is not each person can be translated come out, but in the interpreter most those who abstain from is all however participate in interpreter and the citizen that have deep love for an interpreter to know, that is cannot metaphrase, the word that says namely is translated to the word. Such interpreters cannot be taken most, the easiest also make a fool of oneself.
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