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Chinese-English translates the education of ability
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Want to do an eligible interpreter, should make the essential technique of brave man language and English above all, learn even and study the culture with different China and foreign countries, learn a professional knowledge again even at the same time. Since Chinese-English interpreter is so arduous and complex task, so how do we just undertake effectively training to the student, translate ability and level in order to raise their Chinese-English?

The education of Chinese-English interpreter ability (Translation Competence Development) involve the following and a lot of aspect:

One. Should develop the language feeling to English and power of understanding (Language Intuition–Open And Alert Mind To Pick Up Idioms, specific Expressions, etc. ) ;
2. Should develop the judgement ability to English and appreciate ability (Evaluation Capacity–Judgment) ;
3. Should foster to English have an insight into ability and analyse ability (Power Of Observation–Insight) ;
4. The reaction ability that should develop subtle to English feature (Linguistic Nuances Alertness) ; -
5. The sensitivity that should develop pair of society culture and cultural exchange (Social-cultural Sensitivity–Cross-cultural Awareness) ;
6. The consciousness that wants education to be fastened to be being differred between English and Chinese (Sense Of Differences Between Chinese And English) ;
7. The understanding that should develop pair of adj relationships between English and Chinese (Awareness Of The Dialectic Relationship Between Chinese And English) ;
8. The consciousness that should foster ” of pair of English “ make foreign things serve China (“use Things Foreign To Serve Chinese Purposes”) ;
9. Want to develop pair of English “ study for the purpose of applications”consciousness (Apply What You Have Learned In Your Translation) ;
10. The stereo thinking way that wants the mutiple level, much point of view that fosters pair of interpreters (A Multi-tier Approach) .
11. The essence that what a competent interpreter worker must know is an interpreter (A Clear Conception Of What Translation Is) .
12. A fine perspective that translates personnel to must have operate from a strategically advantageous position (Great Powers Of Conception) .

The education of all sorts of ability and afore-mentioned consciousness, can come true through different particular approach. I am the measure that adopts “ drizzly ” normally, let a student strengthen those who translate consciousness to take exercise in a lot of respect:
The first: Should have profundity to the interpreter's importance, sufficient understanding, of the interpreter right with wrong, good with bad the result that can produce to differ like that absolutely sometimes. For example, translate the ” of “ the remotest corners of the earth of Hainan island into “ doomsday ” : The End Of The World (should be Land's End / End Of The Earth) . The affirmatory “ in the advertisement that is like some airline again inside a hour send airline ticket freely to come ” became “ free airline ticket sends to come inside the hour ” : We Give You Tickets Free Of Charge Within One Hour. (should be We Offer Free Delivery Of Your Air Tickets Within One Hour After Your Booking Confirmation. )
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