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Make the requirement that the interpreter should have
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Because human intercourse needs and the interpreter is born. The Semantic Differential that overcoming block up communication while, the interpreter opened a channel for communication. Thanks to interpreter, human society from cut off each other the trend interacts each other, from close the trend is open, widen from narrow trend. Interpreter as pulling open heavy curtain, let us can the hall with the most divine peek; The interpreter is built as opening a well, let us can derive pleasant spring. How can you just do good translation so?
Translate has requirement as with next listed since:
1.Want to know the commonly used technical term on your job, want to have patience, have the capacity of adapt oneself to changing circumstances even.
2.Have substantial foreign language knowledge, to textual proper understanding, good Chinese essential technique, and broad intellectual range.
3.At the same time even academic. You know impossibly so professional knowledge, it is when you only before the interpreter, go reading relevant material widely, ability makes your language more professional.
4.Want to have professional level not only, more important is the mother tongue level of translator itself. Taking us is right for the Chinese Chinese understand and mastered of culture!
5.Skilled and original network searchs skill. Now is information explosion times, new thing is fast emerge in large numbers, the way that good translation must learn to use ” namely namely to “ develops. Original study mode is to store beforehand knowledge, alleged learn rich 5 cars, now you this cart is used not quite mostly again. Citing says, the place name “ that wants you to translate a Hong Kong does ” of Nuo honest path, do you browse how many time should special place name dictionary spend? This still is a big place name, the likelihood still is checked in the dictionary get. If check “ to watch day building ” , be afraid to be done not have in any dictionaries. But search in the network, criterion not needing the slightest effort.
6.Understanding translates a goal, understand the importance of Information Retrieval; Love to translate this group, want to have adequate Chinese level, at least translates the thing that come out to want to be able to be understood; Have deep love for the truth, won't for translation is smooth and random interpret textual.
7.Have particular literary strength, have certain scientific quality; Often read foreign language book or magazine; Have curiosity forever! ! !
8.Want to understand the difference of two countries culture adequately. Basically be right most of two kinds of languages have deep love for, perhaps say the passion to translating the job, interest, when you feel to have deep love for this thing, nature can think method doing is good. Want namely next one day portion, a kind of inspiration, of antonym character hold feeling. As to the interpreter skill, professional knowledge is a kind of quantitative change the process to qualitative change, importune must not.
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