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Translate worker charter
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Ben Xianzhang was in in September 1963 Dubuluofunike (Yugoslavia) union of held international interpreter worker (international interpret couplet) pass on the 4th congress. The has 23 states interpreter worker group that joins international interpret couplet at that time.

International translates worker federation to think, translating the job to be regarded in contemporary world is a kind often, mix generally indispensable mobile form; Interpreter job can make each country people has the communication of spirit and materially, abound the life of each country people, the understanding between stimulative people; Although be engaged in translating working environment to have each,differ, but the profession that must regarding interpreter work currently is a kind of fixed, independence.

Hope the form with formal document, clarify with a few closely related the profession that translates worker collective principle, so that emphasize the social function that points out the interpreter works, translate the right of worker and obligation clearly, lay the foundation that translates worker ethic, improvement translates worker to be engaged in translating economic condition of the job and social environment, to translate worker to reach its professional organization offers certain activity policy, so as to is sure interpreter job is a kind of fixed, independent profession. Because of this, international translates worker federation to announce Ben Xianzhang especially, as the interpreter worker is engaged in translating mobile guiding principle.

The first chapter translates the obligation of worker

1, the material that interpreter job regards a kind of mental work as its purpose is literature, will scientific aspect becomes another kind of language from interpret of a kind of language, the person that pursues this one job is assuming the special obligation that arises by this job property.

2, no matter translate worker and the individual of use translation and mechanism,those who build is what relation or contract, translation is in charge of by interpreter worker without exception.

3, always translate worker not to agree or pair of textual explanations that collide with appearance of responsibility of interpreter worker business, interpreter worker should try to refuse.

4, meaning of any solid Yu Yuan of translation Dou Yingzhong, the thought with accurate textual expression and form, abiding by principle of this kind of dutiful is an interpreter worker is jural the obligation with morally.

5, however, correct translation should not be the same as word-for-word confuse sth with sth else, because of the interpreter faithful the necessary change that does not exclude a character to go up, the form that so that make,the person can experience original work in another country with another kind of language, atmosphere reachs his immanent implication.
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