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Interpreter a dangerous situation
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In global economy with each passing day an organic whole but area culture clash grows in intensity today, the interpreter's state makes a Chinese very easy be immersed in however new-style, of voluntarily be out of touch with reality with complacent and conservative in.

I do “ not to understand really, the work of ** is so poor, how can get Nobel literature award (cloth captures prize / award of Gong Gu Er / …… ) this is close come two years, in the common doubt on greatly small literature forum. And in relevant reply, total meeting someone says with the mood of the set a high demand on somebody in the hope that he will improve: Is “ where the writer is written badly? The quality that is our interpreter is too poor! ”
The foreign literature interpret that the mainland publishs every year writes an amount to maintain in 1000 kinds of above. But, “ literature translates big country the aureola of ” , however block does not live translation cheap, translator the problem such as vacancy of blundering, criticism.
Home of Hong Kong famous interpreter Mr Huang Bangjie points out: Go up oneself century since 90 time, inland translates the sequela of the team to be like the power that has inadequacy. It is to hit the nail on the head really. Once was born the China of the outstanding translator such as Fu Lei, careless baby, kingcraft male, call the interpreter that gets noisy the home without a few almost nowadays.
The eager for quick success and instant benefit of outback press also is a when cause interpreter quality to glide main reason. Take famous work for, the press of a lot of home likes to acclaim a concept, seek short-term benefit. For instance, be born in a certain eminent writer or die anniversary when, ground of like a swarm of bees publishs this author writing. These heavy translation binding and layout are elegant, presswork quality is excellent, but interpreter quality and old translation photograph are compared not to be named on the same day with.
Have some of newest interpreter work, differ even let a person cannot bear the character that the ” of degree ——“ hard interpret that finish reading comes over, not only do not talk to go up beautiful and fluent, it is very difficult to be understood repeatedly even.
What contact with the photograph of go from bad to worse that translates quality is current the awkward circumstances of translator.
20 years since, firewood fulfil turned over occupational of Chinese great majority 20 times, but firewood fulfil of the interpreter turned over 1 times only. Era is earlier 1980, the contribution fee of interpret book is basic in 1000 words 30 yuan of RMBs are controlled, and now, average interpreter cost also does not pass 1000 words 60 yuan of RMBs.
Famous Russian translates a careless baby to tell a reporter, his average workload is one day translates 1000 words. “ resembles me such translator, in this times do not go down alive. ”Careless baby says. To present translator at every turn the speed that 3 two months translate novel of a ten words, careless baby did not offer criticism, say instead: I can understand “ , it is very difficult to rely on an interpreter to raise the home to paper a mouth, can rely on a quantity only. ”
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