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Add Web Translation Maxthon 3.0 version released a number of updates
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Domestic independent core browser Maxthon 3.0 today welcomed a substantial update, released a new version This is the second of 19 series of upgrades, including IE skin, multiple windows, trumpet and more open, private browsing, translation, mute, etc. more than 10 feature updates and improvements. The new IE is simply the skin and the "original" of IE8 exactly the same. The following figure, if not carefully observed the account, revocation Maxthon iconic button, I really can not tell which is which in the end is IE8 Maxthon 3 it! This skin Maxthon add greatly reduced the threshold to get started 3 for many IE fans relish. Maxthon last launched the "Paper Fun" skin, users will soon have its forum in the release of the "modern skin" style modified version of IE8 is estimated that this skin will soon be user modified. In addition to the skin, is to force the update also adds a one-time multi-window, small windows and privacy window. Users can choose from the main menu to open the special window. Small window with the original window using different Cookies, gamers on the web is great news, and attention to their own privacy, users can also use the Private Browsing window, without leaving any traces. This update added the intimate translation, and capture the same function in the collection end of the column. Just click the Translate button will use the default translation engine began to translate web pages, click the drop-down menu to select the translation of selected text, or set the selection click the button to enter the function and toggle translation engine. Optional translation engine is currently only proper way Google translation and translation. Users of the Internet in a quiet environment, if Web advertising experience will sound or video tend to be surprised. In the new version of Maxthon 3, just press the mute button on the status bar, you can remove the voice browser. Mute merits, but I believe we have encountered such a situation: he pressed the mute button on the browser, but forget this one thing, once again listening to music or watch video, hear the sound anyway . Maxthon 3 mute function, a small detail to solve this problem - if the browser is muted, the mute button constantly flashing, to remind the user's browser can not voice this time, to avoid trouble. The update also added a security Web site prompts the user to access online banking, e-commerce transactions, the site involved, Maxthon will end in the address bar to sign in a safe, to prevent users from online shopping fraud. Of course, this tip is for advanced users can also easily be turned off. These are the Maxthon browser, the main contents of this update. In addition to these, this version also was integrated into the user data can be imported directly Maxthon 2.x collection, smart data filling, and ad filtering rules. It is reported that subsequent versions will support more data into easy transition to the user when Maxthon 3.0 will not encounter obstacles. Finally, a complete list of updates for your reference.
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