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Answer Question 6 Translation concern
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Basic knowledge of classical translation is the integrated use of classical as well as the candidates of a classical integrated reading comprehension test. Review of the current Middle School, from teacher to student questions on the classical translation was difficult, from the Afraid of difficulties arising from certain. In fact, if carefully prepared, and acquire a certain way, we will be able to receive more significant results. 1. Attention to the basic requirements, to grasp the answer step The basic requirements of classical translation is: "Trust" "up" "Ya." These three means are: To represent accurately the meaning of the article; translated the article to understand smooth; literary talent is better. Literal translation should be based, it is necessary to weigh every word, so that availability of the original every word, every word has been made under translation; have to take into account the full article, understand the characteristics of the original wording of sentences, reflecting the language of the original features. Only in difficult Literal translation, the only appropriate way to use free translation. When solving problems read the written material given in the original intensive basis, with the appropriate translation skills, an accurate grasp of the key words and form sentences characteristics, transport With fluent language to express accurately the context, after translation, and then read it again, check the calibration, to avoid misinterpretation, missed translation translation and music. 2. Notional focus clearly different meaning ancient and modern Meaning those who have developed, usage has changed, say a class has a different word, as in the example of the "will" and the words in the translation into modern Chinese to accurately replace; and little change for those words, like "removal "Word, appropriately converted to the same morpheme can be a modern two-syllable word. Example 1. (Volume I in 2010 the country) will be sent Tuotuo million levy rates, the king threatened to threats I shall Yusha Yi. Answer: Call for forage Tuotuo coincides with the Yuan Dynasty sent, then take the threat of deliberately intimidating King of Liang, Wang Yi will want to kill. Analysis: Note "will," "removal," "will" and other key words and "threats I" flip-sentence translation. 3. Concern "flip" phenomenon, appropriate adjustments shift Position statement on the classical and modern Chinese language differences, mainly post-adverbial, object front, attribute rear, front, and other special predicate "flip" phenomenon, according to translations of modern Chinese language specification, the component Position to make the necessary and reasonable adjustments. Example 2. (Tianjin 2010 volume) go home, but see women hold very trees sleep, not of concern. Answer: stepmother came back and saw her holding the tree in the yard to sleep, no longer doubt her. Resolution: This problem is difficult of translation, "not of concern," is a pre-sentence object. Example 3. (2010 Zhejiang volume) I was German, please, what is also Finance? Answer: virtue and I plead to get money to do? Analysis: "What is the" front object is, in questions, interrogative pronouns as the object of the verb. Example 4. (Jiangsu 2010 volumes) to marry when the convergence of clothing, Shen Yi I can see is also poor. Answer: when the clothes with the married (to her) put Ruguan, my poor extraordinary, can know. Analysis: There are two flip-sentence, the first phrase "to" lead the adverbial word post, the last part is its subject. 4. Concern is omitted and the active use of the corresponding translation added Classical concise, it omitted the phenomenon of the more prominent component, often a large number of omitted subject, predicate, object, and language and prepositions, quantifiers and so on. Translation, according to the modern expression of the grammatical rules and habits, the language Omitted an important component of sentence completion, so that the full meaning of the sentence. Classical utilize the parts of speech involved in the main noun, verb, adjective, utilize the main categories of adverbial nouns, nouns as verbs, to use French, Italian use of law. Should pay attention to the general format of the translation of the complement To make the change on the exchange. Example 5. (2010 Sichuan volume) dust from the tomb of thin city, Piaojie monk, dead and wounded zebra, serrata drums without a break. Answer: (Chang) in the city the evening of the dust, (all kinds of evil of the believers) robbery between pedestrians killed or injured people lying in disorder on the road, the sound of drums continued. Resolution: This problem in addition to attention to a few words (twilight, and bar, etc.) an accurate translation, but also pay attention to "drum serrata" is a noun utilize as a verb, and the omission of the sentence phenomenon (shown in parentheses), the supplementary Be sure to add it. Example 6. (Tianjin 2010 volume) of their female parent Xu clothing clothing, sleeves razor line call to the pond fish. Answer: stepmother slowly put on her daughter's clothes, sharp knife hidden in the sleeves come to call the fish pond. Analysis: "The female clothing clothes" before a "clothing", which term utilize as a verb, means "put"; "sleeve" is the word utilize, should be translated as "hidden in the sleeves." 5. Attention to function word usage, proper translation of negligible Some classical use of function words in modern Chinese, there is no corresponding word substitution, deletion when asked. These terms include: Fat words, gather particle syllable structure inversion of the sign, word sentence pause, a Do not conjunctions and Compound Words in the hypothetical composition. Example 7. (2009 Beijing Volume) Confucian hard and aggressive husband may be Conservative. Answer: A person affected by Confucianism is not suitable for him to start a new career, but you can let him go to strengthen the existing foundation. Analysis: "Husband" is the word of the sentence, the sentence starting argumentative words, no justice, not strong translation. 6. Attention to the fixed structure, and strive to accurately complete Classical fixed structure refers to the classical combination of certain terms used frequently, has become a fixed form. The solidification structure in the sentence as a whole can generally be explained, when a fixed translation Significance. For example: "The ... ... that also" should be translated as "to say is ... ... it", "No is ... ... almost" should be translated into "I'm afraid ... ... it," "Jesus was not ... ..." should be translated as " about it ... ... "and so on. Example 8. (Tianjin, 2009 volumes) will rule the country if it is non-Robinson can also, its CD control Yiwu peace! Answer: If we make good governance, it is not I can do, probably only tube Yiwu Caixing it! Analysis: "The ... ... almost", fixed sentence, table speculation tone, translated as "probably (probably) ... ... it." Of course, the translation ability is not mastered overnight can surprise, and it must undergo a rigorous, standardized long-term training. Facts have proved that the students have to keep several aspects to note from the above and to enrich and strengthen his Classical basic knowledge, applied to the usual long-term adherence to training, in the classical translation of the examination before they can calmly deal with the subject, thereby enhancing the classical translation exam score.
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