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New Mall in accessible English translation machine the line of English translat
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Dictionary is not new to most people, this is when we learn English frequently used tools, electronic dictionaries are generally embedded Yingyi Han Chinese to English Dictionary, Oxford Dictionary now or popular, but because Not all copyright issues are embedded in the Oxford Dictionary. Translator, translation machine is relatively high number of electronic dictionaries, electronic dictionaries are the basic translation of the entire translated literally, and if a translator there good good study, day day up! Is Big joke, while the accuracy of machine translation is relatively high, will follow the content, content to translate, so we welcome the leading role in human hair transliteration of the English translation of music through machines. This product is now the first Bureau in China Technological innovation for starting and online shopping mall - Mall shock accessible market, priced at just 788, this section through the English translation of Le translator for English fans is indeed a good choice. Below, I will take you from the most objective point of view, to see the English translation of music through the translator of several major bright spot. World Congress specified translation products, the precision rate of up to 98.7% Designated as a World Congress translation products, translated into the high-end artificial intelligence through music in English translation machines, the traditional electronic dictionary can translate words, phrases, more than 98.7% accuracy rate, to achieve in English the whole way Sentence translation, the human voice pronunciation of the standard keyboard easy to handwriting input. Ultra-thin fashion appearance Large compared to the appearance of other electronic dictionaries, translation of music can be said to be very thin through friends, 118.0 * 70.4 * 10.3mm body, the use of common engineering materials, 100g weight, although not very avant-garde design, but much Slightly wider screen, hand in hand really good. A variety of input methods, better recognition Mall listing this accessible pass in the English translation of Le translator when you boot, is translated directly into the input screen, handwriting input method by default. Directly into a statement, "This dress can be a discount?" Click Translation , Immediately showing the results, there are other similar statements, I feel really good, the result was more accurate translation, press the "sound" results are clear to read out. More than the dictionary, accessible store to help you easily master the English words Click on the screen, "Dictionary" shortcut icon, and enter the "Oxford Dictionary of Modern Learner" input which, in its entry screen, the pen point "English Dictionary" is the corresponding dictionary entry screen, enter the initial dictionary Screen, in the input field, enter the word you are looking for and click "OK" button to enter the translation of the results page, the results also in more detail, click "sound" button to listen to the current term of the voice. Translation is not only built-in music through the highly professional "Oxford Dictionary", also built a financial, trade, construction and other 10 professional dictionaries, with powerful features and refers the sentence translation translation function, the professional vocabulary easy to get. From the user interface perspective, the English translation of music through the translator has not only superior in the performance of translation, tourism, business, dictionaries, professional added several features, is also one of its degree of innovation. Editor's Message: As more and more widely in English, and people are more aware of the breadth of learning English, therefore, have important learning tool is very important, and undoubtedly the English translation of music lovers through the best choice, the current production this section The price of goods in the mall accessible only 788 yuan, and accessible store in order to repay the majority of users who buy in the mall accessible in English translation of music through translator can enjoy 9.8 discount, that for the English lovers , This is a good choice, oh.
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