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Facebook makes clear requirement member sexual distinction to avoid occurrence s
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[Sohu IT message] report according to foreign media, gregarious websiteFacebookthe requirementMemberMaking clear is the male or female, use in order to avoid in website service " them " wait for plural pronoun and bring aboutSyntacticWrong.

Nearly a few months come, add 15 languages version as Facebook, person pronoun changes the meeting in the process to appear in the language solecism. Naomi Gleit of Facebook product manager expresses, "We from otherInterpreterAnd such response is gotten over there the user, say the interpreter becomes very difficult, because people does not have the demonstrate in the setting data in themSexual distinction. ..

InEnglishIn edition, if the user does not have demonstrate sexual distinction, criterion Facebook uses neuter and plural pronoun namely " they " . Because need to make clear divisional men and women in other language, so this pronoun in English is used hard.

"Those do not have the person of demonstrate sexual distinction, the likelihood after the course is translated became contrary sexual distinction, " Gleit say.

Current, this website lets an user mention expressly in main member data sexual distinction is the male or female, this will drive existent user information of specific specification individual.

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