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Potential of development of Russian interpreter market is great
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According to coverage of network of Russia RBC market research, RussiaInterpreterThe market is one of markets that have development perspective most, because this market does not have saturation, because this has very great progressLatent capacity. Russia interpreter market is at present annual turnover grows 20 % on average. Russia may be joinedWorld Trade OrganizationIt is the additional factor that affects growth of this market gross, this one element will bring 15 % again to turnover of Russia interpreter market, the amplitude of 20 % .

Muscovite area is Russia interpreter market " bibcock " . The translation firm over there occupies Russia to translate the 37 % left and right sides of market gross, the 63 % of the others distributing in Russia other area, basically be to be in the largest area center city. Now, inMuscoviteHave 290 interpreter companies of the left and right sides, the interpreter company that includes to cooperate with fixed firm among them and the interpreter company that pursue interpreter of some industry technology technically.

According to Russia " Amike " company statistic, have at least 3 languages, main offer written translation and other the translation firm of a few additional services most hopeful gains benefit. The additional service here includes online interpreter, interpreter is proofreaded and interpreter of material of examine and verify, conference, blueprint interpreter is waited a moment.

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