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Independent newspaper: The challenge of Beijing taxi driver but true many
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England "Independent newspaper" on June 24, 2008 article: ⒂ clang laborious muBeijingTaxiDriverBut bigChallenge(author: 5 grand of dead  た Bo?Clifford Coonan)

Beijing taxi driver at the moment dish in " dish " but many. Want hard to carry out one caboodle to recieve the new regulation of foreign tourist about how be during the Olympic Games, deal with even rise the oil price of 18% , at the same time Beijing rents the driver is returnedLearnBefore a few quite complex dialogs will express sympathy and solicitude for, will enter the foreign visitor of the Olympic Games.

" new capital signs up for " enumerate of supplement of a taxi the core phrase that prepares for rental driver. Be about to tourist of nearly 500 thousand foreign country comes to Beijing, the Olympic Games will kick off August 8.

Besides some commonly usedEnglishExpression, for instance " this seat somebody? " still what have a theme more chat, include: Bay  ChinaA few days ago oil rose in price, bout of 18 months interest. Expert analysis says this is caused. " this says with any languages very of awkward-sounding.

Beijing has 60 thousand more than 1000 6 register a taxi, london has 10 thousand 1000 9, The lifeA when be in Beijing the biggest gain is round-the-clock any time are taken rental very convenient.

You are multiplied rent the first heard voice is a lively female cries with English " the welcome takes Beijing taxi! " but besides this, the driver's English is remained only " adieu " , still can know how the number says now and then. The taxi company of Beijing was deployed on a few carsInterpreterMachine, rent the driver bends over in the late evening often see drivers hear English tape in the car when work. The phrase that the government encourages many 90 thousand taxi driver study of Beijing to concern Yao Ming of famous NBA player and the vocabulary that welcome foreign guest to come to Beijing.

It is very difficult that the taxi relies on to fend in this city. Rental fare is in a 3 kilometers be 10 (74 penny) , it is every kilometer later 2. Driver month income is in 2 1000 to 4 1000 the left and right sides.

Because this is become,is loud dissatisfaction after the government raises 18% fuel price last week, this is the decision after holding to a few weeks to resist global oil price rises. Governmental commitment rents to weak force group the driver undertakes allowance for instance. The Ministry of finance emphasizes allowance wanting to extend quickly in order to ensure the society is stable.

The government rolled out 12 minutes of regulation last year, strict to renting driver individual sanitation and behavior have regulation -- must not sleep inside the car, must not smoke, must not spit everywhere. Male driver must look very spirit (must not wear long hair) , the chauffeuse should prohibit big dangler and leotard.
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