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University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language translated general rul
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On the west language institute brief introduction:

Major of literature of language of French of institute of culture of language of west of university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language is established at institute of foreign language of former 1965 Guangzhou holds water, of the same age recruits an undergraduate students, already had experience history of 43 years; Obtained degree of Ministry of Education to do approval to create a doctoral degree program 2003; Was judged to be Guangdong to save famous brand major 2002; Was judged to be Guangdong to save key course 2003; Was judged to be major of national level characteristic to build a point 2007.

This major has good education and academic tradition. The older generation professor that already died is like Liang Zongdai, Li Weici, Wu Xu to wait to enjoy high reputation in domestic and international academia. At present still active the old professor Huang Jianhua in academia (president of university of foreign trade of former Guangdong foreign language) , in waiting to travel together in home, Cheng Yirong, Gong Yuxiu has very big effect. Through old construction, this major already formed with in young professor gives priority to body, be full of pioneering spirit, the backbone team that education and scientific research ability have both. Existing doctor adviser 5, among them 3 people are the enjoyment with special and subsidiary government of the State Council person. Xu Zhenhua is taught (rich guides, 58 years old) be " committee of guidance of education of major of foreign language of Ministry of Education " the committee member is held part-time " point to appoint meeting " vice-chairman of seminar of literature of France of French group assistant group leader, China, currently hold the post ofpresident of university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language; Luan Dong is taught (rich guides, 54 years old) it is the Chinese scholar that home obtains doctor of country of French the humanities exclusively; Zheng Lihua is taught (rich guides, 49 years old) it is to leave a law to go back to the motherland doctor, "Seminar of countrywide French teaching " standing director, guangdong visited education name division 2006, 2007 countrywide model teacher.

Law phylum has a theory and practice to hold long oral interpretation faculty concurrently. Cai Xiaogong of doctoral student adviser ever was in advanced interpreter institute has sufferred France to train technically. She has held the position of many 30 government, international to organize the work of French simultaneous interpretation of large international conference; Hold the position of oral interpretation job for many government important official, include many national leader among them; Publication teaching material " solid Wu of French oral interpretation " (human affairs ministry appoints an exam to use a book) , monograph of publication oral interpretation " oral interpretation is evaluated " , " new sound of oral interpretation research " ; In " China is translated " etc oral interpretation is published to study the paper is much on core journal piece; What hold the position of " French oral interpretation " course is judged to be Guangdong to save high-quality goods course; Presiding Guangdong province college is contemporary educational skill " 151 " project project " oral interpretation is interactive type trains mode " the accord that gets an expert reputably. Zheng of doctoral student adviser establishs culture of Hua Qian heart to contact medium contradiction and conflict research, include dragoman among them cross culture part research. He often is made to the university of France and China and enterprise on invitation cross culture lecture; Come to 8 nearly 10 years publish monograph, among them 1 is chosen to be graduate student teaching material by Ministry of Education. Study abroad the person above average that Dr. Yang Xiaomin of France is ability of practice of oral interpretation of group of internal law signal, she ever held the position of international conference simultaneous interpretation for many times, outstanding the interpreter that completes negotiation of business affairs of much field international; Hold the position of foreign guest for many times (include president, prime minister) extemporaneous interpreter, oral interpretation level gets the height of domestic and international leader is evaluated. In addition, professor Xie Yong, Professor Chen Suixiang, Mo Xu's strong associate professor also is the expert of oral interpretation respect.
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