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University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language translated general rul
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The school example of " of Ming Deshang travel of " of travel of carry out of advanced interpreter institute, Chinese and Western learning be linked together, the high administrative levels that education can get used to construction of our country economy and social progress need translates a talent. Education has solid bilingual language base and adept language intercourse capacity, the interpreter research that the high administrative levels of knowledge of the mouth that masters many sided, written translation and skill translates application talent and the interpreter that had accepted strict, standard to train theoretically talent. Graduate can be competent diplomacy, outside task of the oral interpretation of high administrative levels of the respect such as communication of science and technology of culture of classics trade, international, written translation and interpret careful job; Can be competent the oral interpretation of the simultaneous interpretation job of large international conference and high level leader works; ;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to college and the advanced interpreter education of concerned research organization and research work.

Advanced interpreter institute develops 5 kinds of person with abilities: (1) the interpreter learns doctoral graduate student; (2) the interpreter learns Master graduate student (set international conference to pass theory of interpret, oral interpretation and practice, interpreter to learn research, law to translate research, business affairs to translate research, medium to translate research, literature to translate 7 direction such as research) ; (3) student of degree of interpreter Master major (of short duration sets oral interpretation and written translation two direction) ; (4) double degree of " of " interpreter solid Wu / double professional undergraduate students. (5) translate professional undergraduate students. My courtyard reachs the examinee that plans to attend the whole nation to translate professional competence certificate to take an exam to offer from personnel of course of study for countrywide interpreter groom, it is this province regularly especially each are main external affairs, outside classics trade unit offers an organization to translate a talent to groom, the college that is the whole nation translates a persons qualified to teach, especially teachers of oral interpretation education is offerred groom. Advanced interpreter institute is interpreter of bureau of national foreign language center of professional competence exam and the " that China translates worker association attestation translate " of professional competence exam to appoint groom orgnaization.

Advanced interpreter institute has oral interpretation department, written translation department, interpreter to learn research center, advanced dragoman to grind at present the education research organization such as center of data of research of interpreter of long ministry, whole nation. Advanced interpreter institute has a buccal written translation to carry out attainment of theory of seasoned, interpreter the high quality faculty of plentiful and substantial of achievement of deep, scientific research and advanced modern education equipment, include laboratory of many simultaneous interpretation; Managerial administrative levels is all ready, have complete translation professional undergraduate course, double degree, Master, professional Master and doctoral education system, already became Hua Na area the important education base of advanced interpreter talent. The center of education of MTI of university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language that be subordinate to belongs to advanced interpreter institute has teacher of full-time mouth written translation 26 people, teach 12 people among them, 6 people of associate professor; 4 people of doctoral student adviser, 18 people of Master unripe adviser; Have a doctor's degree to reach the person that reading a doctor 11 people, have abroad study abroad the person that experience 15 people. Expert of deep interpreter of the foreign capital in hiring much name additionally regards visiting professor or part-time job as the professor.
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