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University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language translated general rul
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" interpreter criticism and admire analyse " , li Ming compiles, wuhan university press, 2007.

Interview: Stress the ability of the integrated quality that assesses examinee, spoken English and interpret of English-Chinese each other.

" tutorial of English oral interpretation " , zhong Wei joins chief editor, higher education press, 2007.

" oral interpretation of business affairs English " , zhao Junfeng chief editor, higher education press, 2003.

2) French language

" French " 1-4 book, french of university of Beijing foreign language fastens Ma Xiaohong to wait make up, foreign language education and research press, 1992.

" French " 5-6 book, shu Jingzhe chief editor, shanghaiClick examine Shanghai and more city weather forecastThe foreign language teachs a press, 1991.

" solid Wu of French oral interpretation (2 class) " , chen Wei, foreign language press, 2005.

" solid Wu of French oral interpretation (3 class) " , cai Xiaogong, foreign language press, 2005.

About France literary history, France is contemporary the book of culture respect.

(4) admit the job

My school the basis examinee matriculation achievement (contain a second-round exam) , enroll only outstanding people. Admit fractional line by delimit of my school proper motion.

5, training manner and award degree

Implement stretch educational system, can be released from production to take on other dutyLearn, OK also partly released from productive labor or not study of be released from production to take on other duty. Eductional systme of complete be released from production to take on other duty is two years; Partly released from productive labor or not learner of be released from production to take on other duty inspects dispenses of its Xiu Manxue to complete paper condition, do not exceed 5 years at most, least not under 3 years. Use lecture of interpreter of type of interactive delibrate type, imitate of oral interpretation spot, project, expert to wait for a variety of education means. Take practice link seriously, the education that emphasizes an interpreter carrying out ability and the analysis that translate case, the interpreter carries out perforative education whole process, the written translation that asks the student has above of 100 thousand word at least is carried out or not less than oral interpretation of 100 hours are carried out. Student should complete curricular study of the regulation, repair full 30 credit, achievement qualification, can apply for the writing of dissertation. Dissertation can use the research that translates a project to report, experiment reports or study the form such as the paper. Student rejoins through what the school organizes, after examine and verify of committee of classics school degree is approved, award committee of degree of the State Council to unite printed MTI to translate Master major diploma.
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