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University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language translated general rul
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Reexamine arrangement is before professional second-round exam.

4, entrance exam and admit

(one) GCT couplet checks time and place

Countrywide couplet takes an examination of time: In October 2008 25, 26 days. Specific time, place sees standard textual criticism.

(2) exam course

Qualification of enter a school of graduate student of political theory, master's degree takes an exam (GCT) , professional knowledge and skill, add up to 3.

GCT exam is taken an examination of for countrywide couplet, basically check the integrated quality of examinee. GCT divides composition by 4: Test of test of test of language expression ability, mathematical base capability, logistic inference ability, foreign language uses ability test. GCT exam always divides 400 minutes, examination time add up to 3 hours. Examinee should try in GCT English can be chosen only in the language. Taking GCT result in those days effective.

Political theory, professional knowledge and skill (include written examination and interview) organize alone by my school.

(3) partial bibliography

1, GCT couplet is taken an examination of

" guideline of exam of qualification of enter a school of master's degree graduate student (2005 edition) " (press of document of science and technology)

2, professional knowledge and skill (include written examination and interview)

1) English language

Written examination: Stress the English base that assesses examinee, include audition understanding, be over form fill a vacancy, read knowledge of understanding, 100 divisions, interpreter, writing.

" degree of interpreter Master major (MTI) couplet of matriculation whole nation studies a manual " , foreign language education and research press, 2008.

" practical interpreter tutorial (revised edition) " , liu Jichun chief editor, zhongshan university press, 2007.

" tutorial of English-Chinese interpreter foundation " , chief editor of Feng Qinghua, solemn thunder, higher education press, 2008.

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