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University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language translated general rul
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(2) time signs up to be on the net that Guangdong saves in July 1 - 15 days, network address: Http:// The spot affirms the dot has 3: City of Guangzhou of 3 buildings, ② liberates hall of west lake of college of industry of the grain austral 5 hill China of ① Guangzhou city hillock of boreal road sweet-scented osmanthus east Shenzhen of hall of multi-purpose building of campus of hillock of sweet-scented osmanthus of university of a Guangzhou, ③Click examine Shenzhen and more city weather forecastDining-room of new southwest of university of Shenzhen of the oil path austral city 2 buildings (the school gate enters about 200 meters on the west) . The spot affirms time is: July 18 - 22 days, affirm bit of every Nature's engineering to make time be in the morning 9:00 - 12:00, afternoon 13:00, 16:30.

The spot affirms the place city of the dot, take an examination of the city of the place of the dot namely, examinee can choose the spot to confirm a point according to his actual condition. The spot affirms the dot is accepted only fill in already successfully on the net, the person enter oneself for an examination that submit information signing up and obtains a net to sign up for number signs up; Sign up on the net only and did not affirm a dot to conduct the candidate for an entrance examination that takes equal and relevant formalities to appointed spot, this second sign up invalid.

(3) standard textual criticism extends. Information announces the standard textual criticism that examinee will sign up before Guangdong saves degree to did on October 15 to go up in website signing up (Http:// , ask examinee to follow textual criticism at download getting online by oneself before October 24, I do to extend separately no longer.

3, qualification test

Qualification test divides first trial and review a case. The qualification test list that examinee must print the spot joins department of place unit human affairs (or archives management department) , the content in approve watch, fill in recommend an opinion, build official seal on electronic photo, express qualification test diploma of original, relevant record of formal schooling to Xerox, Id photocopy arrives at be being handed in before August 30, 2008 or use registration to mail to Guangzhou city next graduate student of college of foreign trade of 2 Guangdong foreign language is in north of highway of white cloud Ou Baiyun recruit students office, addressee: Luo Li brightness closes, postcode: 510420. If examinee holds the record of formal schooling outside the condition, degree to enter oneself for an examination, must study abroad via Ministry of Education service center attestation, the beard when qualification test submits attestation report.
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