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University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language translated general rul
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Cross for the bridge with interpret 5 continent the four seas understands culture of Chinese and Western for road with interpret

University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language is university of Guangdong province concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals key, share 3 campuses, boreal campus is located in GuangzhouClick examine Guangzhou and more city weather forecastBeauty spot of emphasis of Bai Yunshan nation, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, ground of an outstanding personality is clever. The school sets 19 institutes at present (ministry) , 52 undergraduate course are professional, cover a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of literature, economics, canal, law, labour to learn, a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, pedagogic class of 7 colleges division. Obtained master's degree to grant right 1981, obtained a doctor's degree to grant right 1986, yesChinaRestore a graduate student (Q) one of acquires Master, doctor earlier to grant right units after the system. Among them, course of literature of foreign language character already obtained authorization of doctor of one degree course, can cover language of 12 foreign languages.

Translate Master major degree, english translated term is Master Of Translation And Interpreting, abbreviation MTI, it is the Master major degree that degree of the State Council runs to was established 2007. Professional degree education and traditional learning degree teachs the cent that does not have on any account, distinction depends on fostering norms to differ. MTI is to aim to foster heart, wisdom, body develops in the round, can get used to the global economic integration and the need that enhance competition ability of our country international, high administrative levels that gets used to national economy, culture, society to build need, application model, professional talent of buccal written translation.

University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language is home one of schools that the earliest proposal establishs degree of interpreter Master major, 15 MTI that also are approval of first commission of degree of classics the State Council develop one of units. In the meantime, also be major of countrywide interpreter Master the place unit that degree teachs directive committee secretariat.
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