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Many Chinese meal translated term still let a foreigner " dizzy "
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FreeDownload, or ask for freely to city tourism bureau. During this will assure an Olympic Games, all cafeteria that welcome foreign visitor have the level that can measure dish to taste an interpreter.

But also major translates personnel to express, " law of interpret of Chinese menu English " still have not perfect place. "Steamed spring chicken is in " law of interpret of Chinese menu English " in the "SteamedPullet" that be by interpret, but the original meaning of "SteamedPullet" is " of " evaporate pullet, so the interpreter appears inappropriate. " be engaged in what English interpreter works finishing the young lady expresses, "Dumpling is by interpret "Jiaozi" , is not with its former some, and the English view "Dumpling" that is approbated extensively in abroad, appear some bring owls to Athens, without the word of annotate, the foreigner is done very easily muddleheaded. The foreigner is done very easily muddleheaded..

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