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The 08 interpreters outside north and Chinese international teach general rules
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3, interpreter Master is professional (written translation)

Use study of complete be released from production to take on other duty, eductional systme is two years. Take adviser guidance and the kind that collective education ties. Curricular study and interpreter education practice are united in wedlock cheek by jowl, the student attends domestic interpreter to assist education to work below the adviser's guidance, in order to strengthen the education of education practice ability. Education expends 50 thousand yuan. Board and lodging and medical treatment cost provide for oneself.

  8, degree awards

Xiu Manpei raises plan to provide credit and pass dissertation (or graduation report, graduation is designed) the graduate student that rejoin, committee of assess of degree of college of classics Beijing foreign language is discussed after passing, award major of Master of Chinese international education degree of major of degree and interpreter Master, issue office of council of degree of the State Council to unite printed master's degree letter (without diploma) .

  9, during study pay

During on-the-job student is being read, salary relation and archives all should be withheld in former unit, according to former unit during learn the regulation enjoys corresponding treatment, its salary, The lifeWelfare reachs cost of accessorial, medical treatment to wait to all be in charge of by former unit. The school is public resource is opened to the student.

  10, contact means

Communication address: Beijing on the west road of 3 annulus north office of recruit students of graduate student of college of 19 Beijing foreign language

Zip code: 100089

Connect a telephone call: 010, 88816246

Fax: 010, 88816244

Network address:

Office spot: Beijing on the west road of 3 annulus north university of 19 Beijing foreign language on the west campus office building 2

Recruit students of graduate student of college of Beijing foreign language does

On June 20, 2008

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