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The 08 interpreters outside north and Chinese international teach general rules
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Hand in enter oneself for an examination time of qualification test material: Came on July 21, 2008 on July 27 (double cease day except) . Hand in enter oneself for an examination place of qualification test stuff is office of recruit students of graduate student of college of Beijing foreign language. Mail enter oneself for an examination qualification test material person beard general oneself are afore-mentioned qualification test watches, final the photocopy of record of formal schooling, diploma (make clear place to send material original and photocopy to agree on Xerox please and original is true, him autograph affirms, original of the test and verify when enter a school reports for duty) mail with registered letter my school grinds action do. Mail professional class proposition, make roll, read roll wait for relevant charge (160 yuan, do not contain GCT exam to expend 80 yuan) when, make clear examinee full name and the course domain that enter oneself for an examination without fail. If dissatisfaction is sufficient relevant condition or provide false information or did not have qualification test, although sign up to take an examination, my school also does not grant to admit, responsibility by examinee conceit.

  3, sign up

On-the-job assiduously study Chinese international to teach code of Master major degree: 570100.

On-the-job assiduously study code of degree of major of Master of interpreter Master major: 580100.

Cent signing up signs up to acknowledge two conditions with the spot for the network. Please after July 1, degree of entry Ministry of Education and center of development of graduate student education (the following abbreviation " degree center " ) net of each district of inquiry of network address signs up for specific time and network address. After the success signing up on the net, examinee holds Id, net to report a name to print the capable person that give to expect to corresponding spot dot signing up takes a picture, pay cost signing up, confirm information signing up, affirm time in principle is July 2008 18- - 21 days. Specific time and place save city degree and graduate student education to be in charge of a branch to inquire to place please.  

Network time signing up: On July 3, 2008 8: 00, on July 15 20: 00

The spot acknowledges time: On July 18, 2008 8: 00, on July 21 16: 30

Spot of Beijing area examinee confirms a place (time is Alexandrine) :

Chinese international teachs college of Master China people

Translate Normal University of Beijing of   of Master    

 4, matriculation

The exam divides first try and second-round exam. First try is taken an examination of for countrywide couplet, exam course takes an exam for qualification of enter a school of master's degree graduate student (English name is Graduate Candidate Test, abbreviation " GCT " ) . "GCT " the integrated quality that takes an exam to basically check examinee, examination paper forms by 4 parts: Test of test of test of language expression ability, mathematical base capability, logistic inference ability, foreign language (English) use ability test. "GCT " examination paper full marks 400 minutes, every part occupies 100 minutes each. Examination time add up to 3 hours, time of answering question of every part reference 45 minutes. "GCT " expert of organization of office of council of degree of propositional basis the State Council writes " guideline of exam of qualification of enter a school of graduate student of Master major degree (2005 edition) " (press of document of science and technology publishs) .
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