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Officeholder of the White House is taken an examination of in the United States
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Groom the program that the person that the center still has a lot of sufferring to try also resembles me wanting hastily to answer his euqally, I experienced the atmosphere of intense competition. I think, the chance that decides victory or defeat finally probably with respect to amid, are each branches perhaps a basis who does right now expression come to what suit more to decide?

   5, unforgettable " terminator " experience

On June 10, ultimate test comes eventually. It is this to be inside the White House, federally each branches assemble in. Ministry of parliament, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of finance, construction, medium bureau mechanism waits affection a moment the stand of invite applications for a job that the orgnaization of reverberate like thunder placed him in succession. We are close 100 " terminator " discharging orderly team, side with the sectional deliver resume that oneself admire in the heart, according to the regulation, every " terminator " can choose two branches at most.

What learn because of me is political managementProfessional, so I chose parliament and construction ministry. After resume deliver, "Terminator " people final result awaits on the lawn outside the White House. The palace type that looks at this white is built -- political center of the United States, him move can go to my extravagant hopes one day here works. Very fast, the staff member begins to read aloud by pitch on " terminator " list, every are read aloud to show attractive smile to the person of the name, wave walked into the White House.

As the person that reads aloud increasing, myThe moodGradually heavy rise. Final, the staff member read aloud " Kerry Jordan " this is the last name, announce officeholder choose ends. I know this the last favorite, he is that American that has reminded me in new York. Taking a tiny bit of distressed with lose, I and other alsoran left lawn together, taking in our hand " terminator " groom the certificate of complete a course, embrace, comforting others and oneself.

Groom the teacher comforts us to say: "Do not distress, either you are not outstanding. The fictitious project plan in grooming decided final result. For instance you (he is pointing to us to say) among them, live in the dweller when designing special the construction that notices a hospital, and offerred oneself reasonable reason, so you may be admitted by Ministry of Public Health. And considering investment issue, also may let the Ministry of finance be interested. Your plan finally is revised very reasonable, but the key respect in first time plan not the branch that you choose suit, you can be washed out as before. You can be washed out as before..

"That I? " I listen groom teacher so explanation, ask ill-affectedly: "But I thought of living comfortable sex, and I applied for construction ministry. And I applied for construction ministry..

"Be feel sorry! " groom instructor says cordially: "Liu, you and most person are different. In unemployment rate still very tall United States, administration must make the model of employee of United States of invite applications for a job, when the sectional job that only you apply for can be competent without American, you just can win out. Of course your outstanding we had seen. Of course your outstanding we had seen..
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