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Officeholder of the White House is taken an examination of in the United States
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   4, the problem of closestool discretion

At the beginning of March 2007, I what return the school received second-round exam announcement. Harui and school obtain employment do very glad, still organized a small group to be opposite for me.

Can enter the examinee of the second-round exam, should play by a definite date to Washington April of a month groom. These people are called in the United States " Finalists " , I itInterpreterFor " terminator " , can go " terminator " this program, looking in American is quite marvelous, the student that each school also can be him obtains this result and feel proud.

Nevertheless, what I cause if obtain employment manages a director is thoughtful. He says: "Terminator " groom after the end, can issue diploma federally, this is approbated with respect to what meant you to get a government. But, want to get the job of officeholder, attend the JobFair that a confederative and departmental door holds jointly even, the branch is received, you just calculate passed test thoroughly. What Dan Ji blames is, a lot of achievement is outstanding during grooming " terminator " be washed out when JobFair gives resume however, also do not know serve as a basis by what and those branches reject these first-class staff.

Although this doubts and suspicions connects obtain employment to manage a director not witting also, but I take this one step, onion had pared last, say whats cannot abandon, even if meet,weep. By March, I sat to go the plane of Washington, admit by examination to officeholder after the branch signs up, I was entered by arrangement groom orgnaization.

Saying is to groom, actually more resembling isGame. Outside the officeholder regulations that learns a class hour except every sky midday and the regulation of each branches, round-the-clock it is " imitate course " . The title that I get is fiction lives in the dweller of Washington project project, ask to make a program in detail, from the preparative promotion of the project, deploy to the establishment of living project, take out the plan of complete set.

What I consider above all is the comfortable sex that the dweller lives, then I from proceed with of construction the point at issue, consulted many energy-saving material, compare convenient indoor facilities. After half month, I completed complete set plan. After handing in the following day, groom the teacher takes me alone.

Our destination is Washington the 72nd block. There are a few living conditions not to calculate good American citizen here, the teacher tells me on board: "What you need to do today is to serve as plan to design a person, the dweller conduct propaganda to here and the design that popularize you plan, strive for taller enter rate. " this lets me feel perturbed. After coming to 72 block, I discover already somebody organized the arrival that the dweller is awaiting me.

The issue of these American is quite overall, some links the on any account of toilet bowl even, and the size of pump water mouth can be asked about. A promotion comes down, I am sweating, what give in plan at first is complacent had alled gone. I ask to the teacher: "Gentleman, still can give me plan, I am done revise. I am done revise..
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