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Officeholder of the White House is taken an examination of in the United States
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Begin from the gate, want to install check ability to enter examination room through 3. 6 examination room that I am in let my heart in relaxed, because " 6 " means is successful. Examination room is putting the picture with a piece of projectile measuring projector on downstage big screen, "The White House, it is the White House! " I take off a mouth and say. "Young lady, did not cry. " an American is opposite in a low voice beside me I say, "Building of this onion head is Capitol, not be the White House. I was last year above this ate to have a deficit. I was last year above this ate to have a deficit..

   3, " cursory " and " not quite clever "

Through chitchat, I just know, include American inside so, a lot of people mix Capitol easily the White House is promiscuous. Did with these two buildings federally small " trap " will check, if answer a mistake, impressional cent can sell at a discount. Because examinee connects political center of the United States to be able to acknowledge a mistake, be opposite at ordinary times it is thus clear that care degree of the country is insufficient. On my head not by appeared cold sweat, thinking of this trap is true still is to be installed ably. That American still tells me, he is the officeholder exam that joins administration the 2nd, he says: "Young lady, you should be careful some, although interview and written examination look simple, it is one annulus is covering one link however actually. For instance today, they can go to new York each guesthouse consult the data of present examinee, if you booked a room ahead of schedule, so explain you work more careful, attentive, can add cent so, conversely, can reduce cent. " did not think of carelessly, I had lost impressional cent first.

Right now, the staff member begins to make bugle call, american grasps my hand to say: "Young lady, you want to remember, the officeholder exam of administration resembles paring onion, one layer upon layer test is very much. If you are not careful, you let possibly weep in which. Wish you are lucky! Wish you are lucky!!

Be turn for me, I walked into examination room. What interview carries is the problem of sex of a few common sense, also can ask a few place that you live to you the view of state government. Had foregoing reminding, after every problem thinks seriously, I just make a reply. Written examination awaits after interview is over, a youth talks about his experience: "Interview answer problem has skill, you should ponder over every problem, most nevertheless 1 minute or so. Unthink can appear you are cursory, had thought to grow to appear again you are not quite clever. " have even the answer actually exquisite, I feel acquired something again.

Written examination is copy TOEFL study a law. Just took examination paper, I divide a problem high to be finished first with respect to what seek departmental branch. The exam had 3 hours full, come out from examination room, I am dizzy, there is ABCD everywhere before. A few examinee are in sigh and groan, him hate becomes a problem rate is too slow. In my heart secretly glad, because I finished examination paper. Look, before interview lose cent, can fill in written examination come back.
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