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Officeholder of the White House is taken an examination of in the United States
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Recommendation is given out one week later, still do not have any echo. That day, harui comes to my apartment, I say cloudily to Ha Rui: "Professor, I think I do not have an opportunity, can abandon only. " " do you want to abandon really, liu? " Ha Rui says regretfully, suddenly, the ground like his conjure draws out an express from the pocket, "The application that the school gives out for you was passed... " I seize express, agitato is crying high: "The White House, I came! I came!!

   2, " onion head " not be the White House

I once had studied the United States federally the getaway of officeholder salary, a year 45 thousand - between 60 thousand dollar, this starts with advisory company with a few famous investment firms the yearly salary photograph of 80 thousand dollar is compared, do not have what allure really. But work in American government, can for a short while government of bring into contact with is decision-making, organic also meeting and all circles personage interact. In the meantime, the administrative experience of American government is very worth while alsoLearn. For instance, american government is advanced diplomatic official is away on official business, buy total value ticket certainly, often ask to change because of official business airliner, dozen lose airline ticket cannot at any time exchange a purchase; And even if be the official of very advanced other department,be away on official business, also can sit only tourist class, if want to rise cabin, must oneself draw out money. For instance, the official's mobile phone expends what every month can submit an expense account only and official business concerns, etc.

Federally officeholder interview time, it is to be in annual in January. Before going to new York, before office of obtain employment of haing Buddha university arranged director assistant to undertake interview to me designedly groom. He searchs a few before the exam problem of officeholder lets me practice.

Cent of this examination paper is 4 parts, every part must be finished inside 45 minutes. Because the mark of departmental cent is different, and I am done according to around order, ate so small deficient. Director assistant says regretfully: "Itself of this examination paper is a trap, the reaction ability of test person. Every part allows to be done with 45 minutes of time only, if you were not sure to finish completely, so be about to be made from high component problem first, such your marks can get promotion. " so " tricky " , I expressed " malcontent " , assistant laugh laughs say: "You go interview when, such trap is more, you can want to be careful! You can want to be careful!!

I came to new York, and the staff bed and board that just knows to attend officeholder to take an exam right now provides for oneself. The person that the hotel here has been come round to take an exam is booked full, I am forced to be in placeFriendThe stay overnight at sb else's place in the home overnight. The following day, I drive an exam to early the place -- Ke Lidi edifice, the station before edifice door became full the police that maintains order, examinee should enter the arena by interview announcement.
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