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Officeholder of the White House is taken an examination of in the United States
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InThe United StatesAlso haveOfficeholderExam, among them PMF(namely administration official takes an exam) it is the heat in heat more. Through PMF the exam is become possiblyThe White HouseOfficial, it is a lot of American place are yearning consequently. 2007, I withChinaThe student studying abroad's identity attended PMF to take an exam...

  1, Ha Rui drew out express

1986, I am born inThe Anhui provinceHefei city, in August 2005, I travel across the high seas will to the United States breath out Buddha university to study abroad. Between October 2006, I saw a informations on newspaper: The United States makes public official of administration of invite applications for a job federally, I at the moment not You Yiliang. Write down so that before going abroad, be inTsinghua universityWhen reading, the adviser once was mentioned for many times taking up a political career is most the choice of a profession of the mainstream, he says: "Want to affect a society, must arrive inside the government. Judge the actual strength of a school, the influence of the professor that also should visit this school and scholar to policy degree. The influence of the professor that also should visit this school and scholar to policy degree..

After coming to the United States, I discover American society also has this to plant " the mainstream " view -- from business or take up a political career. Just be in the United States, take up a political career from business not complete entirely different, having a lot of famous politicians is successful businessman at the same time. I think, attend this officeholder exam, to oneself at least is preciousLifeExperience.

According to the mailbox signing up on newspaper, I issued application letter. After two weekday, got part signing up accidentally however reject a return, clear ground is writing above: One of qualifications that American administration official takes an exam, it is participator must have American citizenship, and I, it is an average international student only.

Face refuse, I am a little disappointed. My American adviser breathed out luck to know this thing, he says to me: "This is not to be impossible completely. Be in theoretic, the foreign student that allows to be not American citizenship enters oneself for an examination American government, of course, the commendation that must have the school explains you are very outstanding, can get the better of the job that assumes a few American to cannot be competent. If you need, I can suggest the school recommends you to attend. But you should consider to be clear about, the possibility that you win out finally is very little. " this one word made me new see a hope.

On November 3, 2006, the obtain employment office that Professor Ha Rui is taking me to breath out Buddha university. In the talk that does a staff member with obtain employment, they understood my experience in detail, should hear I once was in the United States with the trainee's identity Nevada government treasury department has worked, they ask I take certification. I dialed the telephone of Nevada Ministry of finance immediately, after getting the other side admits really, the staff member delivered recommendation for me immediately.
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