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Golden bridge interpreter and Baidu collaboration deepen online interpreter func
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Jin QiaoInterpreterWith home index of the biggest search props up a website- - Baidu, CooperateRoll outOnline interpreterColumn: Http:// The line on now. The online interpreter of bilateral collaboration, have do not mix with Gu Ge Yahoo already some online interpretersFunction, this collaboration added the advanced application of artificial interpreter. Because the characteristic machine of Chinese is online,the interpreter's accuracy rate cannot satisfy the need of the user all the time, the interpreter's content can achieve understood result only, and cannot satisfy commercial application, be opposite in the light of high-end user the higher demand that translates a result, you Jinqiao translates a center to carry the kind of electronic business affairs, offer for the user liquidate expends an interpreter to serve.

The user is using a machine when online interpreter, if be opposite translation result is dissatisfactory, can click a mouse, refer translation artificial interpreter, network program will be calculated immediately an interpreter charge, the user is passed pay treasure or after the bank on the net undertakes paying fee, the result of artificial interpreter will return an user inside 4 hours. Flow of whole and artificial interpreter is to pass a network to finish, go to the lavatory namely quick. This bilateral online interpreter cooperates, the machine the electronic business affairs of online interpreter and interpreter links organicly together.

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