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See electronic dictionary how be returned to constitutionally from fast Yi Dian
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Author:   of   of channel of ENet image news recently, byChinaFamous dictionary expert, " Chinese-English big dictionary " what chief editor Professor Wu Guanghua presents as leading role is fastYi DianElectronic dictionaryThe research center holds water in Shenzhen, this center assemble education of Chinese each language andInterpreterThe expert of authority of class of numerous leading authority of the bound, devote oneself to to build home's top-ranking language to teach platform of electronic technicalization scientific research, solve an electron to teach a certain number of bottleneck problems of existence. Of electronic dictionary research center holding water is the major breakthrough that electronic education skill studies to go up, fill the blank that our country changes research field in dictionary electron.

Personage of the analysis inside course of study points out, inLearnAircraft is general glide, whole of electric teaching industry is low confuse 2008, fast Yi Dianneng keeps away from the notional hype of other trademark and advertisement bomb mode, stand in the height that the industry grows, expert of top class language solves report to teach a certain number of bottleneck of product presence the problem inside U.N. , from go up at all the demand of contented consumer, reflected its to teach the enterprise of industry liability, rational surveyor's pole image as Chinese report.

Resource innovation lays industry foundation

It is reported, research center of dictionary of electron of fast easy allusion by includeEnglish, Japanese, French, German, spanish, Han Yu, external the multilateral language such as Chinese inside composition of expert of class of leading authority of numerous language research. The center holds to the development characteristic of internationalization, high starting point, it is basic task with the development of electronic dictionary technology and applied research, concern with each courtyard school and the collaboration that publication orgnaization maintains close, increase more authoritative copyright dictionaries ceaselessly, change dictionary electron the technology is done more expediently, more practical, more effective.

As we have learned, the numerous expert of research center of dictionary of electron of alliance fast Yi Dian all is Bencijia domestic language education and the authoritative expert that translate a bound, include gainer of award of books of the 8th China, " Chinese-English big dictionary " director of institute of lexicographic work of college of traffic of chief editor, Dalian Professor Wu Guanghua, pan Zaiping of vice-chairman of seminar of teaching of German of director of phylum of heart of university of former Shanghai foreign language, China is taught, university of former Shanghai foreign language on the west Sun Yizhen of director of Pu teaching seminar teachs phylum director, China on the west, chen Guoting teachs adviser of doctoral student of department of Russian of university of expert of education of Chinese authoritative Russian, Heilongjiang, gold prize of interpreter of international APPA literature, China translated director of association National Council 2000, have the honor to win Jinisi twice interpret of literature of macrocosm foreign country writes an amount most title Professor Xie Rongding, association of home of interpreter of editor of press of translation of home of interpreter of Chinese famous French, Shanghai, Shanghai is standing Professor Zhou Kexi waits for director.
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