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English study machine makes peasant worker worker becomes network a favourite by
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Of laborer of a common SichuanVideoLeap up goes up in the net between one night red, it climbed before 10 of each video websites and portal video channel, one each website is accumulated in the day click a quantity to exceed 1 million. This video is place of tourist of two foreign countries films, the laborer serves as their guide, together itinerary the 3 birds of “ that saw Beijing ”(bird's nest - Olympic Games advocate leg of assembly room, bird - egg of location of CCTV new station, bird - ) of national great theater. Among them most those who attract netizen appraise sth through discussion is, after girl of two foreign countries is entertained because of the enthusiasm that got a laborer, not only gave a laborer 1000 yuan serve as recompense, and two neck express one's thanks to.

Besides attention incident itself, more a large number of netizens are communicated to laborer and foreigner useInterpreterMachine be very interested. The topic of a lot of netizens is centered in, one meets the laborer of Chinese only, understand with a Chinese not foreigner, can you carry a small machine actually trouble-free does the ground chat on one day? Be held in foreigner hand after all why content? Reporter from understand with all possible means, the “ celebrity that the product that takes in foreigner hand all rolls out recently for celebrity turns over E official ” .


“ celebrity turns over E official ” by accredit of Oxford press copyright, andChinaInterpreter association awards “ celebrity to turn over E official”For “ world interpreter congress appoints product ” . This small head has great wisdom however, it is embedded 300 thousand translate a library, and still have business affairs, foreign trade, travel 3 kinds of big hundreds interpreter pattern plate, can translate daily conversation not only, return the Chinese and English sentence that can translate all sorts of circumstances such as resume, commerce, travel, business affairs. This product suits personage of travel going abroad, business affairs to use particularly, also suit leader of staff of company of foreign enterprise white-collar, foreign trade, company to use.

Be aimed at adult demand technically formally to design as a result of thisEnglishInterpreter product, let do not have the person of English foundation, also can communicate with the foreigner directly. Resemble the laborer in video, input Chinese is written in screen begin, pass an interpreter, can let foreigner understanding. 3 birds of “ the view of ” is so communicate girl of two foreign countries. Make in what turn over E official below, laborer and foreigner, so mysterious ground encountered, because of this product, the laborer still won “ now history on the most arrogant the laurel of ” of Olympic Games emissary.
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