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Hill is difficult hindering Bai Yunfei
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——— Xi'anInterpreterThe institute seizes national champion repeatedly photo

An added ingredient

Beautiful hope

Braid the rainbow of bright

Boiling warm blood

Melt the moving an instant on arena

Effort and assiduous

Make youth does not have regret more gorgeous

Glory and dream

When brought up Xi Yichuan to say brilliant


Hill is difficult hindering Bai Yunfei

Ding Zuyi of scholar of education of run by the local people (left 4) with interpret student is together on the west


Hill is difficult hindering Bai Yunfei

40 thousand interpret student photograph gets together 20 years on the west anniversary of the founding of a school

  Countrywide match gains the championship time and again interpret student is sent again and again on the west power


After the player afterwards of Xi'an interpreter institute carried off “ whole nation translates figure ambassador large award to surpass the national champion of ” last year, obtain oral interpretation of elite of “ whole nation to translate contest ” and “CCTV‘ to greet the astral ’ that Olympic Games ——— hopes early or late again this yearEnglish” of elegant demeanour contest two national champion. Associate besides “21 century · interpret player took competition of speech of English of cup ” whole nation only on the west outside first prize of northwest competion area and award of countrywide third class, on the west interpret unexpectedly ” of include of all but “ all champion …… in 4 British language matches of countrywide

These 4 contests are just as CCTV " starlight highway " , contend is intense, field field is starlight twinkles, field field is war, field field lets a person acclaim as the peak of perfection. But interpret student depends on the fight that sound basic training and do all one can go all out in work on the west, obtained exceedingly good result finally.

Hand wheat world rises Yue of Zheng of Xi Yixuan hand and another Xi Yixuan of Ji Jun of paratactic whole nation, in champion the generosity of feeling character both neither on the stage that receive award also does not heat, a lot of people of “ to ’ of ‘ run by the local people two words have misunderstanding and bias, regard run by the local people as the student of the university, we feel to should pass the ability that shows our and elegant demeanour, let people change the bias of universities of pair of run by the local people. ” their true feelings calm old, the hardships that university of run by the local people of backside of success of deep feeling letting a person does poineering work and civilian the indefatigable effort that learns a student to become a useful person.
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