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English adage 1000
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0001.A Bad Beginning Makes A Bad Ending. Evil its only then person surely evil its eventually.
0002.A Bad Bush Is Better Than The Open Field. Have excel without.
0003.A Bad Compromise Is Better Than A Good Lawsuit. The compromise that be in an unfavorable situation is stronger than winning the lawsuit also.
0004.A Bad Conscience Is A Snake In One's Heart. Have a guilty conscience.
0005.A Bad Custom Is Like A Good Cake, better Broken Than Kept. Bad habit resembles fresh pie, cent is fed wanting is better than saving.
0006.A Bad Padlock Invites A Picklock. Open the door to the robbers.
0007.A Bad Penny Always Turns Up.
0008.A Bad Thing Never Dies. Evildoing passes chiliad.
0009.A Bad Workman Quarrels With His Tools. Clumsy artisan often complains a tool to differ (the person is stupid complain Dao Dun) .
0010.A Bargain Is A Bargain. Reached agreement cannot tear to shreds.
0011.A Beggar's Purse Is Bottomless. The moneybag of beggar is a bottomless pit.
0012.A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush. Double bird is in forest not consistent bird is in hand.
0013.A Bird Is Known By Its Note And A Man By His Talk. Wen Jige knows its bird, listen to its character to tell its person.
0014.A Bird May Be Known By Its Song. What bird sings what song.
0015.A Bit In The Morning Is Better Than Nothing All Day. Excel somewhat devoid.
0016.Ablindmanwholeansagainstawallimaginesthatit'stheboundaryoftheworld. Have a very narrow view.
0017.A Blind Man Will Not Thank You For A Looking-glass. Leer sends blind, waste spoony.
0018.A Book Is The Same Today As It Always Was And It Will Never Change. A good book is such today, such also in the future, never change.
0019.A Book That Remains Shut Is But A Block. The book is shut coil to be not read, as good as is a wood.
0020.A Borrowed Cloak Does Not Keep One Warm. Borrowed cape is not warm personally.
0021.Absence Sharpens Love, presence Strengthen Sit. Get together love beneficial is cut, parting situation is more difficult.
0022.A Burden Of One's Choice Is Not Felt. The burden that oneself pick is not disrelished heavy.
0023.A Burnt Child Dreads The Fire. In one day is bitten by the snake, be afraid of well rope 10 years.
0024.A Candle Lights Others And Consumes Itself. The candle burns oneself, brightness illuminates others.
0025.A Cat May Look At A King. The cat also has authority call king.
0026.A Cat Has Nine Lives. The cat has 9 lots.
0027.Accidents Will Happen. Something unexpected may happen any time.
0028.A Chain Is No Stronger Than Its Weakest Link. The stable rate of chain depends on its weakest link.
0029.A Change Of Work Is As Good As A Rest. Exchange the job is very good rest.
0030.A Cheerful Wife Is The Joy Of Life. Happy wife is the amusement of the life.
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