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Put your love in my heart to warm oneself,
Use Up My All To Warm You, my Love

Each other are masticatory in beatific sweetness choke is recited poems language and care. Whisper And Breath Gently, perceive Each Orther In Sweet As If By The Sense Of Taste.

It represents oath, its representing is affirmatory, It Is A Pledge, it Is A Promise

It is you gave me courage, let us fulfil the commitment to love with lifetime.
You Inspirit Me To Love You Even If Beyond My Life

Let days and years drive away hasty footstep,
Time And Years Passed, noting Will Be Changed.

The feeling that yields love and singing are in early morning fragrant humble.
Blooming Love Around You In The Morning Like Song Or Feeling.

I resemble boundless ocean to your love,
I Love You Enthusiastically, deeper Than Sea

Same deep, same wide, he does not have the limitation of space and time.
(No Idea)

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(article origin: Net of interpret all alone)

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