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Archaic official position 5 article Sino-British contrast interpreter
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Deputy army in man general Deputy Imperial Corps Commander
Commandant In Charge Of Amors of allusion armor Dou Wei
Stroke army in man general Imperial Corps Commander Who Uplifts The Army
The man in Wuwei Imperial Corps Commander Of The Military Guard
5 article
Officer In Charge Of Tallies of accord with climate and other natural phenomena of a season
General Who Displays Owl’s Might of accipitral raise general
General Who Oppresses The Enemy With Ferocity of general repulsing or subdue the enemy
General Who Overcomes Adversity of Fu Bo's general
Defeat captive general General Who Eliminates Barbarians
General Who Crosses The Ocean of horizontal sea general
General In Charge Of Navy of building boat general
General Who Restores Territory of answer earth general
Garrison Commander of tooth door general
Slant general Assistant General
Secondary general Deputy General
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