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1.Deeply I Sign For Faded Flower’s Falling In Vain.Vaguely I Seem To Know The Swallow Comes Again.
(Flower of have no alternative falls, be like ever was acquainted swallow returns. Be like ever was acquainted swallow returns..

2.Fallen In Mud And Ground To Dust, she Seems No More. But Her Fragrance Is Still The Same.
(Zero completion mud grinds dirt, have sweet as before only. Have sweet as before only..

3.Most Willow Catkins Have Been Blown Away, alas! But There Is No Place Where Grows Nor The Sweet Green Grass.
(The Liu Mian on the branch is blown little, skyline where does not have fragrant grass. Skyline where does not have fragrant grass..

4.The West Is Veiled In Rain, the East Enjoys Sunshine.My Gallant Is As Deep In Love As Day Is Fine.
(On the west of sunrise of the eastern side rain, is callosity has feeling however. Is callosity has feeling however..

5.When All At Once I Turn My Head, find Her There Lantern Light Is Dimly Shed.
(Suddenly turn one's head, that person wanes to the close in lights however place. )

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