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Wonderful phrase English translates Chinese
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1. Remember commemorable, forget this. The change can change, accept unalterable
Remember What Should Be Remembered, and Forget What Should Be Forgotten.Alter What Is Changeable, and Accept What Is Mutable.
2. Can erode all besides tear, it is time, come with time elapse feeling, time is longer, conflict is weaker, as if the tea of ceaseless dilute
Apart From Tears, only Time Could Wear Everything Away. While Feeling Is Being Processed By Time, conflicts Would Be Reconciled As Time Goes By, just Like A Cup Of Tea That Is Being Continuously Diluted.
3. Complaint is God come mankind is the biggest offer thing, also be the most genuine part in human prayer
Complaints Are The Greatest Offerings That God Obtains From Human Beings, as Well As The Most Faithful Prayers Human Beings Might Utter To God.
4. The cost of wisdom is contradictory. This is the fun that life opens to philosophy.
Wisdom Appears In Contradiction To Itself, which Is A Trick Life Plays On Philosophy Of Life.
5. The princess that the girl on the world always thinks he is pride (besides minority extremely ugly with a few extremely clever girl exception)
Girls Always Look On Themselves As Proud Princesses, with The Exception Of A Small Number Of Either Extremely Ugly Or Exceedingly Smart Ones.
6. If the enemy makes you angry, that explains you had not gotten the better of his assurance
It Can Be Inferred That You Lack Confidence In A Victory Over Your Rivals From The Fact That You’re Irritable Against Them.
7. If the friend makes you angry, that explains you still care about his friendship
From That You Would Get Angry With Your Friends, we Can Conclude You Sitll Care About The Friendship Between You.
8. Ling Huchong says “ has some of thing itself we are uncontrollable, be forced to control oneself. ”But, what does he calculate! !
   “Something Is Out Of Our Control, so We Have To Command Ourselves. “Said Linghu Chong, novel of knight-errant of A Known Character In A Chinese Novel About Persons Adept In Martial Arts(? ) . Who Is, however, ****ing He?
9. I do not know I am done now what is right, those are wrong, and when I often die eventually I just know these. What so I can do now is to endeavor to had done each thing, waiting to often die next.
Only Till My Natural Death.could I Tell Which Of What I Have Been Doing Is Right Or Wrong, so Now I Have To Try To Do Well In Everything, and Then Wait To Die A Natural Death.
10. Some people are very abhorrent perhaps, some people are very mean. And set when me when imagining as him, I just know: He is more pitiful than me. Excuse all people that you had seen please so, good person or hellion
Some May Be Wicked, and Some May Be Despicable. Only When I Put Myself In Their Position Did I Know They Are More Miserable Than I. So Forgive All That You Have Met, no Matter What Kind Of Persons They Are.
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