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Content sheds the English of industry term to translate
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Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) is registered (cubage) always ton
Net Registered Tonnage (NRT) is registered (cubage) clean ton
Tonnage of total carring capacity of Deadweight Tonnage (All Told) (DWT Or D.W.A.T) (quantity)
Tonnage of total carring capacity of Gross Dead Weight Tonnage
Only carring capacity of Dead Weight Cargo Tonnage (DWCT) ton
Light Displacement light discharge capacity
Load (Loaded)Displacement is fully loaded with displacement
Actual Displacement practical discharge capacity
Over Weight Surcharge overweights surtax
Surtax of fuel of Bunker Adjustment Factor (Surcharge) (BAS Or BS)
Surtax of Port Surcharge haven
Surtax of jam of haven of Port Congestion Surcharge
Surtax of devaluation of Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF)
Deviation Surcharge circles boat surtax
Surtax of Direct Additional straight boat
Additional For Optional Destination chooses discharge harbor surtax
Additional For Alteration Of Destination changes surtax of port of discharging
Fumigation Charge suffocating is expended
Bill of lading of Bill Of Lading
On Board (Shipped) B/L already lading bill of lading
Received For Shipment B/L carries fully (receive appropriate to await fate) bill of lading
Named B/L nominative bill of lading
Bearer B/L is not nominative bill of lading
Order B/L indicates bill of lading
Book of equipment of Blank Endorsement blank
Clean B/L clean bill of lading
Outside in order of In Apparent Good Order And Condition
Unclean (Foul, dirty) B/L not clean bill of lading
Bill of lading of Direct B/L straight boat
Bill of lading of Transshipment B/L change to another ship
Bill of lading of Through B/L through traffic
Multi-modal (Inter-modal, bill of lading of through traffic of much style of Combined) Transport B/L
Bill of lading of whole style of Long Form B/L
Bill of lading of brief type of Short Form B/L
Anti-dated B/L signs bill of lading
Advanced B/L borrows bill of lading beforehand
Stale B/L expires bill of lading
Bill of lading of goods of board of On Deck B/L
Lease of Charter Party B/L next bill of lading
House B/L carries acting travel bill of lading
Seaworthiness shipping comfortable boat
Contract of chartering of Charter Party (C/P) (lease)
Contract of chartering of the number of voyages or flights of Voyage Charter Party
Contract of fixed chartering of Time Charter Party
Contract of chartering of smooth boat of Bareboat (demise) Charter Party
Common Carrier common carrier
Private Carrier private carrier
Contract of chartering of single voyage or flight number of Single Trip C/P
Contract of chartering of the number of voyages or flights of successive sheet of Consecutive Single Trip C/P
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