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Ultrasonic Vibration Electrical Discharge Machining (UEDM) In Gas Is Proposed In This Paper.
Article topic is about vibration of aeriform protection ultrasonic electric spark is machined (Uedm) .
It Is Shown That Electrical Discharge Machining With Ultrasonic Aid Can Be Achieved Well In Gas Medium
The result makes clear, in the ultrasonic in protecting aeriform medium treatment of auxiliary electric spark can achieve favorable result.
.The Tool Electrode Is Formed To Be Thin-walled Pipe, and High Pressure Gas Medium Is Supplied Through It. Tool electrode is shown is shape of thin wall canal, interior puts through medium of high-pressured protection gas. .
During Machining, ultrasonic Vibration Of Workpiece Can Improve The Machining Process.
In machining a process, pass ultrasonic vibration, workpiece machines craft to get ameliorative.
The Molten Workpiece Material Can Be Ejected Out From Base Body Of Workpiece With The Aid Of Ultrasonic Vibration And Be Removed/flushed Out Of The Working Gap Without Being Reattached To The Electrode.
Electric spark machines the melt workpiece of generation to cut bits, vibration of ultrasonic of have the aid of is played from workpiece piece, carry from working space / erode go out, and won't adherent go up in electrode.
A Theoretical Model To Estimate The Material Removal Rate Has Been Developed.
Develop excision of an estimation material successfully already to lead theoretical model now.
Selecting 45# Steel And Copper As The Workpiece Material And Electrode Material, respectively, experiments Have Been Carried Out, the Results Showing That UEDM Is A Method With A High Material Removal Rate (MRR) .
Use choose 45# steel to regard workpiece as material respectively, copper has a test as electrode material, as a result indication Uedm is one kind has expensive stuff excision to lead (the treatment method of MRR) .
The Greatest Advantages Of This Technique Are Lower Pollution And Low Electrode Wear Ratio.
The advantage with this the biggest technology is low pollution and small loss rate.

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