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The English that industry designs is translated
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Big dictionary industry designs Chinese-English telecommunicationIndustrial Design
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Father of most propbably home has told you, I am interested in industrial design, hope to seek a position in this respect.
But As Dad Must Have Told You By Now.I Am Interested In Industrial Design And Hope To Find An Opening In That Field.
Industrial design reachs his the course of relevant domain: Dynamical system, design is evaluated as mechanical as analysis of structure of control of management, system, human engineering, tension, structure, CAD, application.
Courses In Industrial Designs And Related Field:DYnamic Systems, evaluation And Management Of Designs, systems And Control, ergonomics, tensile Structures, structural Analysis, computer - Aided Design, applied Mechanics.
Industry builds a design to measureSurvey In Industrial Project Design Stage
Be in England, design committee awards prize to outstanding industrial products plan.
In Britain, the Design Council Give Award For Good Industrial Design.
Their industry plans to get a lot of accusing.
Their Industrial Plan Has Come In For Much Blame.
The advocacy that governmental new industry plans the person has is the industrialist that the whole nation has experience most a few.
The Moving Spirits Of The Government’s New Plan For Industry Include Some Of The Most Experienced Enterprisers In The Country.
Somebody put forward industrial plan to draw a question to the minister.
The Minister Is Queried About His Plan For The Industry.
The government produces conflict with the parliament on industrial program.
The Government Collided With Parliament Over Its Industrial Plans.

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