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" food protects a plan " the interpreter is finished
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A few days ago, zhuhai examines quarantine bureau finished American FDA smoothly (management board of food medicines and chemical reagents) " food protects a plan " the interpreter works, this action examines to drawing lessons from foreign food to superintend it is advanced experience, good to be done further provision of our country import examines superintendency job will have positive effect.

As we have learned, american FDA " food protects a plan " released in November 2007, have no Chinese edition. Understanding " food protects a plan " be opposite not only safety administration has our country food to draw lessons from a meaning certainly, more benefit exports enterprise control at our country American food asks related safe policy. To this, zhuhai bureau organizes the interpreter to manuscript in time, protected quality of a material to finish interpreter and careful officer job on time. A few days ago, zhuhai bureau already American FDA " food protects a plan " Chinese edition submits total bureau of national qualitative check.

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