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First English of domestic " AATCC technology manual " Chinese edition interprete
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The edition of 2008 edition Chinese that by center of Chinese spin information the interpreter completes " AATCC technology manual " be about to face city. This manual is home is translated the first times by professional personage, publish publication occupation standard collection formally.
American AATCC (American coloring home and chemist association) release every year " AATCC technology manual " it is foreign textile the check mark that purchases business to be used extensively is accurate, it is right outlet of clothing of our country textile undertakes to America area quality detects one of standards with older influence. Because this manual is only English version, this one current situation restricted dress of domestic dry goods to export an enterprise to reach the member that be engaged in textile identifier to be mixed to the accurate understanding of this standard on certain level master degree. Last year in July, center of information of spin of China of American AATCC formal authorization is exclusive of version of interpreter, publication Chinese " AATCC technology manual " . What is Aatcc?
Division of American spin chemistry and association of division of printing and dyeing (American Association Of Textile Chemists And Colorists, abbreviation AATCC) it is to discern spend with the lubricious prison that analyses textile, the imperscriptible orgnaization of physical function and biology function. The duty of AATCC is the deep-seated knowledge that uses standardization method to popularize textile dye and chemical material, AATCC standard applies extensively at, its suitable scope is:
1.Function of spin product chemistry
2.Textile considers to check a method

There Are Over 250 Unique Standards Included In This Collection. The American Association Of Textile&Colourists (AATCC) Is The World's Largest Technical And Scientific Society Devoted To The Advancement Of Textile Chemistry.

The Association Has Over 5, 000 Individual And 270 Corporate Members In Both The United States And 65 Countries. By Promoting Knowledge To The Application Of Dyes And Chemicals Within The Textile Industry, AATCC Encourages Research On Chemical Processes And Materials That Is Paramount To The Textile Industry.

By Communicating These Improvements And Advanced Learning Techniques, the Society Ensures That Quality Is Achieved And Production Efficiencies Implemented. AATCC Also Works With The International Organization For Standardization (ISO) And Other Countries In Standards Work.

Available: One Off Hardcopy Purchases, online Customised Collections, full Collections, integrated Systems

Since Its Inception In 1921, the AATCC Has Been Dedicated To Three Objectives. Education: To Promote Increase Of Knowledge Of The Application Of Dyes And Chemicals In The Textile Industry. Research: To Encourage In Any Practical Way Research Work On Chemical Processes And Materials Of Importance To The Textile Industry. Communication: To Establish For The Members Channels By Which The Interchange Of Professional Knowledge Among Them May Be Increased.
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