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Russia history interpreter of latest edition translation is finished
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Go up the middle school period that the century begins at the beginning of 60 time, learned Russian 5 years, make I generated strong interest to the historical culture of Russia, read work of many Russia literature and historical book. After 80 time end, publish to arrange collect the Chinese Dunhuang document that is in Russia, ever had an opportunity for many times to go to Sanket to work again, had the knowledge of real sense to Russia society. But the whole history to Russia, my understanding is fragmentary still after all.   
American California university teachs Nigula · bridge assist the monumental work of nearly 900 thousand word of Nuofusiji " Russia history " , be English country is congener in recent years the level of more influential, learning is higher also teaching material in publication, also be an author lifelong study, tuitional with research Russia is mixed a summary of Russia history. Him author was blended in to study taking academic positive result for a long time in the book, on a few open to question major problems, still take the introduction seriously to have representative each learning point of view very much, for instance base the setting of disintegrate of the account that the historical opinion with the social property of complementary Ross, regnant Mongolia, Muscovite duchy rises abruptly and consolidates Russia, Russia and reason. Although the author disapproves of system of communism and Soviet, but its are right of Russia history overall narrate and go up to Russia history the evaluation of anybody incident, of more objective still evenhanded.   
This is the general history of a be worthy of the name, tell general Beijing to be in office all the time from prehistoric period period. Introduction of whole book cent, base complementary Ross, Mongolia dominates or empire of Grandducal, Russia, Russia mixes feudal pattern period, Moscow Russian Federation 7 much. The history since those gets great emperor occupied the 2/3 of entire length.   
Historical since happens inside specific time, also spread out inside specific district, since Yalishiduode, western scholar always pays attention to the geography influence to the history, this book in order to be opposite the hamster inside Russia domain limits, medium inferior with north inferior geography introduction leaves piece, the tremendous effect that to Russia considering geographical element Su Li history develops this one objective fact, this kind of arrangement of the author can say also is a window.   
This book by British Oxford press 1962 first edition, this translation gives according to the interpret of the 7th edition 2005. As a result of former writer year the work is expensive already, nuo of American Yi benefit is taught according to university history, only Shi Hewen of latter-day and Russian society changes the job history the co-worker that the Bai Gecheng of mark · Si Tan of research is this latest edition. Ceaseless reprint explained this book is in English world welcome degree. Reprint every time, the author makes progress according to newest learning and contemporary revive, the newest a got-up affair of Russian history, do necessary supplementary and amend. The author is returned for many times to Russia and Russia disintegrate the following Russia undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation reaching academic communication, edit what just decode still is use to concern archives when the 7th edition. Every is about to understand the wide readership of Russia history, enter this style of writing the good book of beautiful, explain the profound things in a simple way, won't empty-handed and return, interest of regular also meeting is full.   
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