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Seafood product is Sino-British contrast
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Assorted is holothurian Mixed Sea Slugs

Shrimp roe is holothurian Shrimp Eggs&Sea Slugs

Fried Prawns With Brown Sauce of prawn of braise in soy sauce

Scamper prawn Prawn Cutlets

Burn prawn Broiled Prawns With Chili Sauce

Braise in soy sauce is holothurian Sea Slugs With Brown Sauce

Gallinaceous cloth with soft nap is holothurian Sea Slugs With Chicken Cream

Sea Slugs With Crisp Rice of holothurian rice crust

Prawns With Spiced Salt of prawn of a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt

Decoct prawn paragraph Fried Prawns Sections

Dry burn langouste Broiled Lobster With Chili Sauce

Iron gathers up langouste Grilled Lobster

Broiled Lobster of the langouste that bake

Bisque Of Lobster of langouste thick steam

Fried Shrimps With Cashew Nuts of cashew shelled fresh shrimps

Bamboo shoot fries Fried Shrimps With Bamboo Shoots of shelled fresh shrimps

Fried Shrimps With Green Peas of lima-bean shelled fresh shrimps

Fried Shrimps With Tomato Sauce of eggplant juice shelled fresh shrimps

Qing Dynasty fries Shrimps Saute of shelled fresh shrimps

Shrimps With Bean Curd of bean curd of shelled fresh shrimps

Shrimp Balls With Tomato Sauce of ball of eggplant juice shrimp

Fried Shrimps With Crisp Rice of rice crust shelled fresh shrimps

Fried Shrimps With Bean-leaf of fabaceous seedling shelled fresh shrimps

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