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The English that the Olympic Games indicates formally explains
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The mark of 29 Olympic Games of Beijing also is Beijing abstruse explain appoint formal mark, it is the core part of Beijing Olympic figure,
Will make one of figure labels that there is energy most on Olympic Games history. The Beijing ” that the Olympic Games indicates “ is waved, have rich culture intention,
Revealed the theme of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games adequately. This mark with distinctive, have Chinese seal seal cutting of the history and calligraphy were a method 5000,
Rise Chinese traditional art and union of contemporary Olympic spirit. The dynamic character implied meaning that concise behavioral line draws the outline of a ran athlete bears down on the attitude that terminal hug wins,
Reflected Olympic “ the spirit of faster, taller, stronger ” . The strokes of a Chinese character that makes a person and ” of Beijing of Chinese character “ are very alike, with beautiful Chinese traditional calligraphic distinctive typeface is finished,
Its representing sponsors the capital Beijing of urban —— China. Provide extremely move the line of feeling to also can explain ” of the person that it is dance of a “ ,
One of the wish that behaved good Olympic Games of run by the local people of 1.3 billion Chinese and guest of greeting world each district cordial.

The Emblem Of The XXIX Olympiad, which Is Also The Official Emblem For BOCOG And A Core Element Of
Beijing's Olympic Image And Look, is Expected To Become One Of The Most Powerful Graphic Identities In The History Of The
Olympic Games.The Emblem Of The 2008 Olympics, rich In Culture And Dubbed "Dancing Beijing" , fully Reflects The Theme OfThe Olympic Games To Be Held In 2008 In Beijing.The Logo Combines Chinese Traditional Art With Modern Olympic Spirit ByMeans Of The Unique Techniques Of Chinese Seal Cutting And Calligraphy, which Have A History Of 5000 Years.
The Simple Gesture Lines Depict A Stylized Dynamic Human Figure In A Stance That Suggests A Racing Athlete CrossingThe Finish Line To Embrace Victory---Portraying The Olympic Spirit Of Citius, altius, fortius
(For Swifter, higher, stronger).The Figure Strokes Resemble The Chinese Character "Jing" Drawn In Graceful ChineseCalligraphy Of A Unique Style, which Stands For The Name Of The Host City- - The Capital City Of China.The Gesture LinesCan Also Be Interpreted As A "dancing Figure" , conveying The Aspiration Of The 1.3 Billion Chinese People For TheGreat Games And Their Enthusiasm For Welcoming Visitors From All Over The World.

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